Undergraduate Award Winners

President's Award 
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Project Title: Science into Policy: A Reevaluation of Epistemic Communities in the Iberian 
Transboundary Water Management Regime
Student Presenters: Laura Doolin, Mikalynn Katlack
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeanie Bukowski
Department: International Studies

Provost's Award
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Project Title: Influence of Substituents on the Antibiotic Activity of Highly Substituted DeltaLactones
Student Presenters: Kyle Morgenstern, Katie Fox
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brad Andersh
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Award   
Display 75
Project Title: Benevolent Sexism Really is BS: The Effect of Benevolent Sexism on Women's 
Student Presenters: Abigail Riemer
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephenie Chaudoir, Dr. Tony Hermann
Department: Psychology

College of Education and Health Sciences Dean’s Award
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Project Title: In vitro Metabolism of Carbohydrates and Protein by Probiotic Bacteria
Student Presenters: Alexandra Warden-Michl, Mary Kikilas
Faculty Mentor: Ted Flemming
Department: Health Sciences

Slane College for Communications and Fine Arts Dean’s Award
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Project Title: Organizational Culture of an Entertainment Park
Student Presenters: Brittany Akins
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elena Gabor
Department: Communication

Foster College of Business Administration Dean’s Award
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Project Title: Cash Analysis: How Cash Sets Us Apart
Student Presenter: William Parkhurst
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ahmed Elshahat
Department: Finance

College of Engineering and Technology Dean’s Award
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Project Title: Smart Autonomous Vehicle in a Scaled Urban Environment
Student Presenters: Elyse Vernon, Tom Joyce, Devon Bates, Frayne Go
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jose Sanchez, Dr. James Irwin
Department: Electrical Engineering

Honorable Mention - Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences 
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Project Title: Ultrasonic Imaging using Resolution Enhancement Compression and GPUaccelerated Synthetic Aperture Techniques
Student Presenters: Anthony Podkowa
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jose Sanchez
Department: Electrical Engineering

Honorable Mention - Human Service  
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Project Title: Credit Card Misuse as a Mediator between Self Esteem, Power-Prestige, and Risk 
Taking for Compulsive Buying Behavior in College Students
Student Presenters: Cynthia Dublin
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chang-OK Choi, Dr. G. Kevin Randall
Department: FCS

Honorable Mention - Individuals and Societies  
Display 70
Project Title: Turkey's 'New Approach' to Iran's Nuclear Aspirations
Student Presenters: Laura Doolin
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Charles Bukowski, Dr. Tim Conley
Department: International Studies

Honorable Mention - Natural Sciences  
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Project Title: Isolation and identification a putative efflux pump encoded by PexA in florfenicolresistant bacteria isolated from rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss
Student Presenters: Celine Hartman, Haley Euting
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Keith Johnson
Department: Biology

Honorable Mention - Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts 
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Project Title: Portrayals of Grandparents in Children's Picture Books: The 21st Century
Student Presenters: Egle Stravinskaite, Nicole Pientka
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Claire Etaugh
Department: Psychology

Honorable Mention – Business Sciences
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Project Title: Entrepreneurship in Fashion Design
Student Presenter: Kelly Heisler
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Eden Blair, Dr. Kendra Brandes
Department: Entrepreneurship