Teaching Excellence Conference/Workshops


Funding for Conferences and Workshops are accepted once per semester.

CTEL will fund up to five (5) requests each semester. Deadlines are the second Friday in March and in October.


The Teaching and Learning Excellence Programs are a means by which Bradley University is accomplishing one of its main priorities: to promote faculty excellence in teaching and improvement in student learning. Teaching Excellence recognizes the importance of conferences and workshops with an emphasis on teaching, and the sharing of information and ideas obtained with other members of the Bradley community, as a vital part of improving the quality of teaching. The Teaching and Learning Excellence Programs’ Funding for Conferences and Workshops provides funds to partially cover expenses related to such conferences and workshops. Requests for TEC Conference/Workshops can be submitted for a maximum of $1,000.


Applications are reviewed by the Innovative Teaching Panel, composed of the last three years’ winners of the Putnam, the Caterpillar Inc. Faculty Achievement Award for Teaching, New Faculty Teaching Awards, and Dean-appointed faculty. The criteria for selection should include:

1. The main goal of attending this conference is teaching and learning or to present research and/or creative production activities;

2. The proposal is well written and includes goals for attending and/or presenting at the conference/workshop and expected outcomes where specific offerings at the conference are clearly connected to teaching assignments at Bradley;

3. The conference/workshop is over and above those usually funded by the department or college. Departments and/or colleges should contribute 25% of request;

4. There is a reasonable, itemized budget commensurate with the scope of the conference/workshop, which includes other sources of possible funding (e.g. self, department, college, other grant monies);

5. Commitment to present conference/workshop content to the Bradley community during a CTEL sponsored event or at a faculty forum. 

*NOTE regarding sabbatical leave:

  • Please mention in your proposal if you will be on sabbatical at anytime during the proposed grant period. TEC support will not be granted during sabbatical leave unless the proposed project is included in the application for faculty sabbatical. A letter from your chair is required that states that this project is included in your sabbatical application.
  • If travel support for a conference or workshop is requested during sabbatical leave, a maximum of one-third of travel support (up to $1,000) will be provided. At least two-thirds of travel support must be provided by the department/college or other grant support. This applies only during sabbatical leave.
  • Within one academic year of the conference/workshop, faculty must submit a brief report to the Panel about the outcomes related to the conference/workshop (e.g. sharing material with colleagues, presentations given, impact on your teaching).


Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the review within four weeks of electronic submission.


Funding up to $1,000.00 will be awarded per conference or workshop.


All application materials should submitted using the DocSoup section of your MyBU portal, located at https://carta.bradley.edu/docsoup/portal. Grant proposals must be received three weeks prior to project start/travel date. Applications must include the following:

 1. Completed Application Form (attach to email with completed proposal requirements).

 2. A narrative about the proposed request that is a maximum of two double-spaced pages and addresses the criteria listed above as well as the specifics of the conference or workshop (where, when, topics covered). A copy of the preliminary program may be included.

 3. A one-page, itemized travel budget. For travel and accommodations, identify the proposed conference hotel(s) and include estimated room rates. Address travel issues. Include information regarding possible transportation and accommodation “conference rates” or discounts for attendees.

 **Effective November 1, 2011, CTEL will reimburse up to $50 per day for meals. Any meal costs in excess of the $50 per day maximum will not be reimbursed through CTEL funds.

 4. Recommendation statements from Chairperson and Dean (attach when applying). Letters must include department and/or college contributions of at least 25% ($250 for maximum award amount).

 *NOTE: Effective immediately, all travel requests must complete an Academic Affairs Travel Authorization Form at least one week prior to travel.

* Applicants are encouraged to contact the CTEL at 677-4118 or by email, kswillis@bradley.edu for guidance in submitting an application.