Leadership Development

The development of emerging leaders may be the most critical challenge facing contemporary organizations. Research has shown that the number one reason leaders derail is due to problems with interpersonal relationships.

Choosing to face your leadership challenges and explore the possibilities of authentic, effective leadership is an important first step to maximizing your potential.

Our leadership programs build in five stages:

  1. Leadership Assessment
    The Executive Development Center uses 360-degree, multi-rater instruments and self-assessments as the vital first step in leadership development. Learn more...
  2. Practical Applications
    We employ the best cutting-edge research and thinking available to solve the real-world problems leaders face. Participants leave these programs with concrete skills that increase their effectiveness and ultimately improve the bottom line.
  3. Skill Development
    Our programs focus on the critical interpersonal skills required for effective leadership. The Executive Development Center can design customized programs for your organization that include any combination of these and other skill sets. Learn more...
  4. Leadership Coaching
    Our coaches and coaching teams work with you individually to provide greater insight and to further develop your capabilities. Learn more...
  5. Future Challenges
    We give you the tools to apply a forward-thinking perspective to future challenges within your organization.