New Supply Chain Course Yields Benefits For All

APICS Certified Associate Instructor, Harold Robinson, CPIM

May 28, 2014

By Sarah Marshall, '15

A newer business class offered exciting benefits for everyone involved this past spring semester. The class, Supply Chain Tools and Techniques (BMA/MTG 394), brought together marketing students, management and leadership students, and professionals working with the Executive Development Center.

Supply chain management is a growing field, increasing the ability of manufacturers and distributers to organize and ship products more effectively. The new course offers hands-on experience and professional training that allows students to meet and network with professionals. 

The requirements for this class are junior standing, the equivalent of 56 class credit hours, and the Principles of Marketing class, MTG 315. Previously, Operations management, M L 353, was a listed prerequisite, but the class has since been removed. 

“Supply Chain Tools and Techniques is an opportunity to develop specific applicable skills for supply chain management,” said Marketing Department Chair Dr. Ed Bond. “It helps to open the door to careers in supply chain management. In addition, our marketing majors can use this elective to confirm an interest in our Concentration in Global Supply Chain Management.” 

This class has many benefits for both students and professionals. BMA/MTG 394 is taught by an APICS certified instructor, and every student and professional gain knowledge and experience from each other because of the class’s collaborative nature, providing the students with real life experience and giving them an extreme advantage in their future work place.