Admissions & Retention

Membership 2014 - 2015 Term Expires Selection
Matt McGowan (FCB) 2015 b.
Herb Kasube (CLAS) 2015 b.
Iqbal Shareef (CEGT) 2015 b.
David Vroman (SCCF) 2016 b.
Sherry Pardieck (CEHS) 2016 b.
Justin Ball 2015 a1.
Angie Cooksy 2016 a1.
Anne McSorley Hollis 2015 a2.
Sherry Winkle  2015 a2.
Ken Harding 2016 d.
David Trillizio ---- e.
TBA (student) 2015 c.


Faculty Handbook's Statement on Committee Membership

"The Committee on Admissions and Retention shall consist of: 

a. Two representatives from the Enrollment Management Office to be recommended by the Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, and two representatives from the Office of Educational Development to be recommended by the Associate Provost for Student Affairs. 
b. One full-time faculty member from each of the undergraduate Colleges, nominated by the Dean of the College for recommendation by the Executive Committee. 
c. One student selected by the Student Senate. 
d. One person recommended by the Associate Provost for Student Affairs. 
e. The Director of Orientation, Testing, and Advisement, who shall serve ex officio. 

... Members shall serve for two-year staggered terms. "