Programs for educators

NEW!!! Educators Workshop: Water Resources And Environment 

The Peoria Riverfront Museum, Center for STEM Education at Bradley University, and the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center are offering a workshop called River Systems Experiential Learning Workshop. The workshop is designed for educators who teach grades 3-12. The workshops days start July 21, 2014 and end July 23, 2014 and feature workshops on Project WET, Stream Discovery, and River Action League. Join fellow educators in learning the curriculum and techniques needed for bringing these programs to your classrooms. Download the flier below to learn more! Registration begins June 5, 2014. REGISTER EARLY. REGISTRATION DEADLINES: Project WET – JULY 6th, Stream Discovery – July 14th, RAL and Inquiry only available through July 18th or until all spots are full. 

STEM Teach and Lead

The Center for STEM Education will be hosting a new program for K-12 science teachers across the state of Illinois in Summer 2014. STEM Teach and Lead is a summer inquiry-based research experience for science teachers. The program will place 10 teachers in research internships around the state to conduct hands-on research under the supervision of a research mentor. Teachers will be paired with mentors in their area.

In this program teachers will:

  • Participate in 50 hours of workshops at Bradley and 150 hours of inquiry-based research with a mentor in your local area
  • Create inquiry-based classroom activities to implement with their students 
  • Attend a three day introductory workshop at Bradley University at the beginning of the program
  • Organize and host a thee day long professional development workshop for 50 science teachers around the state at the end of the summer to share the activities they developed and share their research projects

Teacher benefits include:

  • A paid summer research internship of $3600 (or $2900 and 1.0 credit hours from Bradley)
  • $100 in classroom supplies
  • Leadership training and experience
  • 200 CPDUs, plus potential for university credit 
  • New laboratory research activities for classroom use
  • Inquiry-based research experience 

Projected Schedule:

  • April 11 - PRIORITY DEADLINE DUE APRIL 11th. After this date, applications will be accepted as space allows.
  • May 9 - Successful applicants notified
  • May 16 - Research placements announced
  • May 16 - June 13 - Program pre-work
  • June 18 - 20 - Introductory week at Bradley
  • June 23 - Participants begin research experience with mentors
  • August 1 - Participant research projects complete
  • August 4 - 8 - End of Program Workshop at Bradley
  • August 8 - Program Symposium

      *If your school district dismisses later, but you are still interested in the program please indicate the date you would be able to begin the STEM Teach and Lead program on your application. Missing the introductory week for vacations is not a valid reason.

Program Documents: 

Interested in mentoring a STEM Teach and Lead Mentor?

Professional Master of Arts in STEM Education

The Professional Master of Arts in 1) Elementary Math, Science, and Technology Education (K-8) and 2) Environmental Science Education (6-12) will be a professional master’s degree for teachers who want to become teacher-leaders in science, technology and math education. The program offers teachers learning experiences that will allow them to enhance their competence as teachers of mathematics, science, and technology. The degree will contain the appropriate courses and experiences to lead to new endorsements, one in Elementary Math and Science Specialist (for Elementary Math, Science and Technology program), and another in Teacher Leadership (both programs). Both programs will be comprised of approximately 33 hours of graduate (500 level) courses, the majority of which will be in math, science and technology (MST) content areas and in MST education.  Students may use Curriculum & Instruction (C & I) coursework to satisfy some MST program requirements with permission from an advisor.

  1. Professional Master of Arts in Elementary Math, Science and Technology Education
  2. Professional Master of Arts in Environmental Science Education

SCI 101

Science 101 is a model science course for education majors. It is laboratory-based biological and physical science course with content developed along interdisciplinary themes. The course is taught in an inquiry/investigative format and provides an introduction to investigate science applications in Pre K-12 classroom settings. In addition to having published outcomes from this course and receiving national level invites to speak, SCI 101 is the basis for Bradley University’s selection to a national level education project focused on Facilitating Interdisciplinary Learning (FIDL).

Kemper Professional Development Project

Bradley’s College of Education and Health Sciences works with specific elementary and secondary schools in a professional development model. The 4 major goals include: student achievement, preparation of educational professionals, professional development of teachers or other school personnel, and research and inquiry specific to those schools.

Central Illinois Educator's Network

The Central Illinois Educator's Network is a clearinghouse of local resources for K-12 educators. You can find information on field trips, enrichment programs, surplus equipment, web-based resources and more, or post resources for other educators to take advantage of. A discussion board is also provided where you can discuss issues of interest with other educators. CIEN was developed through the generous support of the National Science Foundation, through a Partnerships for Innovation grant to Bradley University.

Summer Opportunities

For Financial Support in Graduate School Opportunities:

Bridge to the Doctorate, IGERT and NSF Grad Research Fellowship programs provide generous stipend and tuition support for students through the National Science Foundation:

For Postdoc opportunities --

For NASA-supported internships, fellowships and scholarships