Joan Sattler
Dean and Professor, College of Education and Health Sciences

Westlake Hall 205
(309) 677-3181

Molly Cluskey
Interim Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Associate Dean for Distance Learning, and Associate Professor of Nursing

Westlake Hall 204
(309) 677-2540

Janet Jackson
Assistant Dean for the College of Education & Health Science and Assistant Professor of Nursing

Westlake Hall 302B
(309) 677-2534

Cara Burritt
Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Westlake Hall 206
(309) 677-3181

Jane Cushing
Licensure Officer & Clinical Coordinator

Westlake Hall 216E
(309) 677-3694

Jeff Kepler
Instructional Technology Support Specialist

Westlake Hall 216B
(309) 677-2899

Stephanie Poignant
Administrative Assistant for Distance Education

Westlake Hall 202A
(309) 677-4398

Julie Schifeling
Credentialing Coordinator

Westlake Hall 135A
(309) 677-4948

Colleen Slane
Assessment Coordinator

Westlake Hall 216F
(309) 677-3492

Shannon McGowan
Administrative Support

Westlake Hall 216G
(309) 677-3183

Sally Miller
Administrative Support

Westlake Hall 216C
(309) 677-3329

Colleen Splitter
Administrative Support

Westlake Hall 203
(309) 677-3180

Emeritus Faculty

Barbara Brown

Mildred Caldwell

Starr Hull

Cathy Sherlock

Carole Winkler