A business degree from Foster College of Business at Bradley combines the best of theoretical and practical experiences to broaden your perspectives, increase your leadership skills, and prepare you for a dynamic future in the world of business.

As a student in the Foster College, you are admitted directly into a major program of study. Undecided students can also learn about the various specialties in business by enrolling in the undecided business student (UBS) program.

Liberal Arts Foundation

A well-rounded education in the arts and sciences adds dimension to your business studies and offers increased career flexibility not found in over-specialized business degrees. And, working with others outside of your major prepares you to creatively and confidently handle diverse situations in your new career.

Comprehensive Business Core

Foster College core curriculum builds foundational business knowledge applicable to all career paths. Business ethics, diversity, teamwork, technology, and global activity in the workplace are emphasized throughout the core curriculum. As you evolve in your future career, you’ll possess the foundational skills and knowledge to advance with confidence into new areas of work.

Throughout your coursework you’ll refine your technology skills to enhance productivity in your future career. In your senior year, a final, Capstone Course puts you in charge of a real-business consulting project, which connects your classroom studies to the real world.

The Foster College Core Curriculum:

  • BUS 100 – Intro to Business, Hours: 2
  • ATG 157 – ATG Principles – Financial, Hours: 3
  • ATG 158 – ATG Principles – Managerial, Hours: 3
  • MIS 173 – Information Systems, Hours: 3
  • IB 206 – International Business, Hours: 2
  • ECO 221 – Principles of Microeconomics, Hours: 3
  • ECO 222 – Principles of Macroeconomics, Hours: 3
  • M L 250 – Interpersonal Effectiveness, Hours: 2
  • Q M 262 – Quantitative Analysis I, Hours: 3
  • MTG 315 – Principles of Marketing, Hours: 3
  • FIN 322 – Business Finance, Hours: 3
  • BLW 342 – Legal Environment of Business, Hours: 3
  • M L 350 – Managing for Results in Orgs, Hours: 2
  • Quantitative Skill Building, Hours: 3, Notes: Choose one: Q M 263, ECO 319, M L 353
  • M L 452 – Strategic Mgt and Business Policy, Hours: 2, Notes: M L 452 and BUS 400 are concurrent coreqs
  • BUS 400 – Client Consulting Project, Hours: 2, Notes: M L 452 and BUS 400 are concurrent coreqs
  • 42 total hours before electives
  • FCB Electives, Hours: 6, Notes: FCB courses can’t double count toward first major
  • Total FCB Hours: 48 

Depth of Study

Each of our nine majors provides in-depth knowledge, hands-on experience and real-business skills to help you make your mark in our global business world. Study within your major culminates with a senior project where you’ll apply the depth of knowledge you’ve gained in your major to a real-world experience.

Choosing a minor of study allows you to deepen your specialization or explore other interests. In addition to offering a broad, fundamental understanding of business, a business minor can enhance your employment potential or help you prepare for graduate school.

International Business Opportunities

As the first university in the nation to offer an International Business major, the Foster College of Business faculty remain on the frontline of the international business arena. Through their research, our faculty have built relationships with other educational institutions and businesses in places like Vienna, Austria; Hong Kong; Tokyo, Japan; Helsinki, Finland; St. Petersburg, Russia; Queretaro, Mexico; Prague, the Czech Republic; and Budapest, Hungary. Our many study abroad opportunities offer a business-oriented experience with flexible timeframes including January interims, May interims, summer, semester, or a full year abroad.

Foster College’s Global Scholars Program offers an intensive, business oriented study abroad experience for the business major seeking international business experience, but not an international business degree.

Knowledge and Experience to Succeed

Conceptual knowledge gained in the classroom, the practical experience of Capstone Course consulting projects, internships and a wealth of business and career oriented extra curricular opportunities make Foster College of Business graduates not just capable but competitive, in today’s job market.