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Theresa S. Falcon Executive MBA Program
Baker Hall 121
(309) 677-3714

"An MBA from Bradley provides leaders with the foundation they need to tackle the many difficult challenges we face in business today. With the right set of foundation skills and competencies, a person gains so much more confidence in being able to navigate his or her way through any complex problem. Bradley’s Executive MBA program provides this for you."

Gary Ohler
Strategic Marketing Consultant
Country Financial

About Theresa S. Falcon

A Legacy of Learning

In January 2009, Dr. Theresa S. Falcon-Cullinan presented Bradley University with a $2 million gift to provide educational opportunities to benefit Executive MBA students and the Peoria business community. Because of her generous contribution, Bradley University was able to endow and name the EMBA program in the Foster College of Business after Dr. Falcon-Cullinan. The Theresa S. Falcon Executive MBA program is the first in the world to be named after a woman and by a woman.

A native of the Philippines, Dr. Falcon-Cullinan began her medical practice in central Illinois in 1980. As one of the first female obstetricians in the Peoria area, Dr. Falcon-Cullinan delivered thousands of babies throughout her successful career. During this time, she also established the Falcon Center for Women, and co-founded Health Professionals Ltd. in Peoria. Desiring a greater understanding of business practices, she enrolled in Bradley’s EMBA Program and earned her MBA in 2005.

Falcon-Cullinan’s generous gift funds a special speaker series. The Theresa S. Falcon Executive Speaker Series brings internationally known speakers, scholars, and business leaders to the Bradley campus and the EMBA classroom to share their expertise and experiences with EMBA participants and the Peoria community.

“Dr. Falcon-Cullinan’s commitment enriches our exceptional program by enabling Bradley to bring internationally known speakers and scholars to campus to interact with students and faculty," said former Bradley University President Joanne K. Glasser. "Thanks to Dr. Falcon-Cullinan’s generosity, she will help educate Bradley students and prepare them to compete in the worldwide marketplace. With her support, she is continuing to elevate our Executive MBA program to national stature. We deeply appreciate her generosity to Bradley and her passion for learning.”

Because she valued her EMBA experience and the skills and knowledge she gained, Falcon-Cullinan determined to help others receive their MBA, encouraging both family members and her staff to attend the Foster College of Business to further their education. Continuing in this legacy, Falcon-Cullinan dedicated a portion of her gift to be utilized for scholarships for healthcare professionals interested in furthering their education at Bradley.

With her generous contribution, Dr. Falcon-Cullinan has expanded this legacy of learning to increase the success of future EMBA participants and bring new ideas, skills, and knowledge to empower today’s business professionals.