Paul Benario

Paul's Interview

Business Management Information Systems


Overwhelmed is how I would describe myself when I was choosing a college. I was originally looking at all Big Ten schools, thinking that because I went to a large high school, I would want something much larger for college. So, I visited Bradley with a closed mind. After my visit to campus, I started noticing differences about Bradley. These differences weren’t only about the academic programs offered here, but about the ‘feel’ of campus. Students were friendly, smiling, and happy to be here. Everyone was enthusiastic, warm, and welcoming about Bradley. Students were going to class and stopping to talk to other students. When the weather is nice I usually add some extra time on to my walk to class, accounting for the fact that I will most likely stop and talk to a few people on the quad during my walk. At many other schools I visited I felt like the students hurried to class and just looked straight ahead. Bradley just felt more like somewhere I wanted to be.

I was admitted directly to the business school at Bradley. At many of the other schools I considered I would have been admitted into general studies, applying to the business school only after I completed my sophomore year.


In contrast, during my sophomore year at Bradley I was applying for internships. As a Business Management Information Systems major I applied to large companies that had a sizeable IT department. I ended up interviewing and getting a summer internship with Kellogg Company.

Although the summer ended, my internship did not. I have continued to work for Kellogg 20 hours a week, while I am away at school. This is an opportunity I could have only dreamed of, being able to work my normal internship throughout the school year, and I don’t even need to leave my room!

I have now been extended for an additional year as an intern and I am the project coordinator for the summer interns this upcoming summer. This means I’ll be planning the first day orientation, an intern project, and an intern trip to headquarters in Michigan. My supervisors at Kellogg have acknowledged many of the experiences I’ve gained from my leadership experiences at Bradley.

I am currently Vice President of both my social fraternity, as well as Hillel, the Jewish organization on campus. I took my love for leadership to the next level by adding my Leadership Studies minor.  Through my experiences in these organizations (as well as the many other organizations I have been involved with on campus) and my leadership classes I have been able to learn what it takes to be a better leader in the world beyond college.