Cinema Conversations

Cinema Conversations takes movie-viewing to another level by offering multiple sessions to really tackle a film and the readings related to it.  View the motion picture at Bradley during the first session, then return in subsequent weeks to talk about the major themes and messages of the movie and readings.

Dinner & A Movie

Dinner and a Movie combines the screening of a film and the conversation that follows and takes it "on the road," where you can visit a theatre, share a meal with your peers, and enjoy a unique evening of cinema learning.

Documentary Film Series

OLLI's Documentary Film Series combines the viewing of a number of documentaries, followed by moderated discussions with no reading involved.

Scribe to Screen

Scribe to Screen compares a book with its film counterpart to explore the process in depth.  View the film at the Peoria Public Library North Branch during the first session, and then meet the following week to discuss the book and film at length.