Strengthening Chemical Bonds


Workshop Schedule

9:30 am

Check-In at Olin Hall, Room 245

10:00 am

Introductions and Keynote Address

11:45 am


2:30 pm

Workshop ends

Session Topics

(Actual sessions will depend on enrollments)
High school chemistry
AP high school chemistry
General chemistry
Organic chemistry
Analytical chemistry
Physical chemistry
Inorganic chemistry
Clickers in chemistry

Presentation Opportunities

If you are interested in presenting a chemistry education poster during lunch or a safe chemistry demonstration, let us know by completing the appropriate section on the registration form. 

We will need a brief description of the demonstration and the equipment you will be bringing, as well as the demonstrator names and email addresses.  You will need to provide a written description of the demonstration to pass along to the participants and your own supplies. (NOTE: The room we will use is not equipped with a fume hood or natural gas.)