2014 SFI Campers

Camper Testimonials

Want to know what the 2014 SFI participants are saying?  Read their comments In the Spotlight.

SFI taught me to step out of my comfort zone. Over the course of two weeks I branched out incredibly as a performer and person in general. There is no camp like SFI and there is no place like Bradley.

- Sarah Brashear 
2014 NIETOC Humorous Interpretation National Champion, NCFL Oral Interpretation National Runner-up, NSDA Humorous Interpretation 3rd Place

SFI is the most creative, fun, hard working environment I've ever experienced

- Jeffrey Manus
2014 IHSA Dramatic Interpretation State Champion


I honestly can't think of other people who have pushed me past my boundaries more than these great people. They also reminded me of the true reason that I do speech; to have the opportunity to speak my mind, and have the luxury that people will listen.

- Riaz Gillani 
IHSA State Qualifier

SFI:  Learn from the Best to Become the Best  -Sarah Brashear


Bradley SFI is more than just a summer camp or something to put on your college applications. It teaches you how to be a human being. Not just someone who floats through life, accepts everything and becomes a bystander, but a social actor: someone who attacks life with no regrets, questions everything they or society holds true, and is able to speak out against injustice. SFI lets us find our voice again, and only through a voice can we change anything or leave echoes for posterity.

- Michael Everett 
NSDA Impromptu National Champion

At SFI, I've grown as a performer, but more importantly I've grown as a person. I have made lifelong friends and learned that with an exceptional amount of hard work you can achieve your goals whether that be, a national championship trophy, breaking to finals, or even just getting up in front of a room to speak on a topic that is meaningful to you. I have gained the greatest role models and couldn't ask for better place to call home than Bradley University.

- Megan Magee 
IHSA Poetry and Prose State Finalist

I never thought something like a camp could change my life, but SFI has. Everyone there has inspired me to work harder, appreciate everything, and to be a better person. I'm still so upset that I had to leave you all, but we'll see each other again soon.  When someone becomes part of your family, you never really leave them. Bradley is my second family and always will be. Thank you all so much for everything you have given me. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful two weeks.

- Kylie Caligiuri

It's crazy to think about how much everyone grew in such a short period of time, and it could not have been done without such a caring and talented staff. Bradley is different from other camps because we are a family--I've been other places and nowhere has come close to comparing to SFI. I already can't wait for next summer. I better see all of you back at camp then!

- Annie Schuver

I've attended Bradley SFI for the last three years. Each summer I have met people who have inspired me, cultivated my talents, and most importantly, fostered my growth as an individual. Because of SFI, I qualified for state as a sophomore, earned 2nd in the state for Special Occasion Speaking as a junior and senior. Every year I come back from camp as a stronger performer and a better person, a testament to the nurturing, coaching, and love that the team provides you during not only the two weeks you spend in Peoria, but for the rest of your speech season and your life.

- Kaveri Sharma
Multiple IHSA State Finalist in Special Occasion Speaking

SFI provided me with knowledge, friendship, and experience that I will value for a lifetime. Upon leaving camp, I not only took valuable information for my success and pride in my performances, I took home some of my best memories and friendships.

- Blake Bullock
IHSA State Finalist in Prose and Dramatic Interpretation

Bradley SFI is an exhausting experience. It is also one of the most productive things you can do as a speaker and a student.  The six total weeks I spent at SFI were some of the most rewarding I have ever had.

- Sam Niiro
Multiple IHSA State Finalist in Extemporaneous Speaking and Impromptu Speaking

I know that I have a second home at Bradley and have become a part of an amazing family. SFI has undeniably changed me, and I am so grateful for the love and inspiration of our coaches. I love you all, and I feel so lucky to have met you all.

- Julia Rabin

Attending the Bradley Summer Forensics Institute has been one of the best experiences of my life. Coming into camp I knew virtually nothing about Original Oratory - when I left I was prepared to compete at the national level. More importantly, SFI taught me how to value and respect speech.  I recommend SFI to anyone who wants to push themselves, have a ridiculous amount of fun, meet intelligent people, and compete at the highest level of forensics.

- Andy Braden
NCFL Finalist in Original Oratory