There is a relationship between an accounting major’s career path and the type of academic program he or she might choose.

Students with an interest in working for a public corporation, not-for-profit organization, governmental agency, or internal auditing department can pursue either an undergraduate or graduate degree in accounting.

Students with an interest in public accounting will typically require a graduate degree or additional course work to reach 150 semester credit hours and be eligible for the CPA exam. However, a CPA is not typically required for the other accounting positions mentioned above. The student’s faculty advisor can help him / her decide which academic program is best matched with the student’s career interests. 


Accounting Major

The undergraduate accounting program prepares students for careers in corporate, not-for-profit, or governmental accounting as well as for later graduate studies in accounting. Students will have the credits necessary to sit for certification exams such as Certified Management Accountant or Certified Fraud Examiner.

Internal Auditing Concentration or Minor

Students who are interested in helping businesses identify potential problems and develop solutions for these concerns should consider a concentration or minor in internal auditing. Bradley is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Internal Audit Education Partnership Program (IAEP).  


3:2 Program – Integrated Bachelor’s - Master’s program

The 3:2 accounting program is designed for students who want to earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting. One common reason for this is to obtain the 150 credit hours needed to sit for the CPA exam. During their first three years, students take the traditional undergraduate accounting curriculum. During their final two years, students take a combination of undergraduate and graduate classes. Students completing this program will earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting.

Master of Science in Accounting

The MSA program is designed for students who have already earned an undergraduate degree in accounting and wish to continue their accounting and business studies. This graduate degree is one way to meet the CPA exam’s 150 credit hour requirement. Additionally, the electives can be used to refine important skills in management, finance, critical thinking, and problem solving.