About AEP

Outstanding Institutional Advising Program Recipient—National Academic Advising Association (NACADA)

The Academic Exploration Program is one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind in the country. The Academic Exploration Program at Bradley University was one of the first programs offered to exploratory students in the United States. The Academic Exploration Program is supported by faculty and staff across campus and each year accounts for approximately 10-15% of new freshmen entering Bradley.


The goal of the Academic Exploration Program is to provide major and career support to students who have not yet declared a major or who are looking to change majors. To accomplish this goal, a systematic approach using interest assessments, classroom activities, online resources, one-on-one academic advisement, and individual job-shadowing in the Peoria community are provided.

Program Entrance & Exit Information

New students may select this program upon application to the university. Current Bradley students may transfer into the Academic Exploration Program anytime prior to their junior year (less than 56 credit hours). When a student is ready to declare their major he/she must fill out a change of major form and obtain the necessary signatures. If the student has the minimum grade point average to declare into the major of their choice, the change of major form will be honored and the student’s major will be officially changed through the Registrar’s Office. Students must declare out of the Academic Exploration Program before attaining junior standing.