Gary Will

Associate Professor, Graphic Design

Heuser Art Center 312A
(309) 677-2411


As Program Coordinator for the Graphic Design Department at Doncaster College, South Yorkshire, England, and with a substantial career in graphic design behind him, Gary Will joined the faculty as Assistant Professor of Art/Graphic Design in 2000. With background experience in publication design, advertising, marketing and promotional design, his diversity and broad exposure provides for international development in the graphic design program within the Department of Art at Bradley. Gaining full tenure and promotion to Associate Professor in 2004, Gary was also recipient of The Caterpillar Inc. New Faculty Achievement Award for Teaching in 2002, recipient of the Mental Health Educator of the Year Award in 2004 and nominated for an ArtsPartner of the Year Award in 2007 for his continual collaborative design projects with the community. In the summer of 2009 Gary was the subject of a WEEK News 25 'Postcards from Home'.

Emphasis on the creative thought process and a thorough understanding of design problems and their strategic application to target audiences is key to the delivery/approach of both his teaching and professional work. Now adding 'author' to his growing list of achievements, Gary recently co-wrote a book entitled Graphic Design Portfolio Strategy through Prentice Hall and available through all good book stores (For information on the book and much more about portfolio design please go to this site by Professor Robert Rowe