Construction Accreditation

The baccalaureate program in construction is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education and is a charter member of the Associated Schools of Construction.

The Construction Program offers a non-traditional curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science in Construction degree of excellent quality. The mission of the Department as it relates to Construction is:

Produce graduates who possess a keen awareness of the national and global dimensions of the construction industry, leadership skills required to serve our society, and the technical knowledge to pursue multiple career paths including advanced degrees.

  1. Leadership in Construction
    Graduates understand the need for teamwork, communication skills, integrity, good citizenship, and service. They have the needed knowledge to become leaders in the construction industry.
  2. Professional Achievement
    Graduates have the needed understanding of ethical responsibilities, certification, the necessity for continuing education, and contemporary issues required for placement and career advancement.
  3. Globalization
    Offer programs to ensure that graduates have the needed awareness of global construction issues and cultures to help them thrive in an emerging world market.
  4. Industry Partnerships
    Partner with the construction profession to offer an innovative program that promotes cultural diversity and responds to the needs of the profession and society in the areas of sustainability, infrastructure, and emerging technology.