Ebeling PR-ize for Excellence in Public Relations Campaigns


Chuck Ebeling, '66 and Bradley Centurion, '11, has been an advocate of cause-related communications throughout his career. At Allstate, he supported anti-drunk driving campaigns, at Toyota, he donated new cars to public television auctions, at Baxter International, he worked with NFL Films to promote patient recovery stories, and at McDonald's, where he headed corporate communications until his retirement in 2000. Ebeling helped launch the global Ronald McDonald House program.  Ebeling launched the Ebeling PR-ize awards program at Bradley in 2004, which recognizes student excellence in implementing pro bono community initiatives, putting together local Peoria-area businesses with local not-for-profit organizations to support worthy causes.

The award winning campaigns have contributed to raising awareness of key social issues and enhancing collaboration between profit and non-profit organizations. 

View Chuck Ebeling and student winners of the Ebeling PR-Prize.

Award Winners

Fall 2013

Find Your Light: Painting Peoria Purple

  • Barnhart, Kelsie 
  • Campbell, Lauren 
  • Loy, Meghan

Statistics predict that one in four women will be a victim of domestic violence in her lifetime. Considering the 60,620 women currently living in Peoria, IL, this statistic states that 15,155 female members of our community will be affected by physical, mental, emotional, sexual or verbal abuse in their lifetime. Yet because of the cultural stigma surrounding the issue of domestic violence, individuals are hesitant to discuss how abuse affects the community. With October being National Domestic Abuse Awareness Month, the timing presented the opportunity to combat the silence toward domestic violence and bring awareness into the Peoria community. 

Argent Public Relations launched the Find Your Light Campaign, created to take an issue that is usually hidden behind closed doors and bring it into the light. Pairing Peoria’s CENTER FOR PREVENTION OF ABUSE (nonprofit) with local boutique HEY LOLA (for-profit), Argent PR created a pledge photo system aimed to show support. Pledge signs were dedicated to individuals or groups affected by domestic violence and over the duration of the campaign, 676 individuals were directly contacted via email or public speaking opportunities while an additional 3,000 were reached at large scale event appearances. In total, 511 individuals pledged their support including Mayor Ardis, Bradley students, community supporters, and others near and far. While the pledge photos serve as a reminder of community support, Argent PR, in conjunction with Hey Lola, hosted an ‘Evening Dedicated to Hope’ for 12 women at the Center to create their own personal reminder - a beaded bracelet. The therapeutic benefits were measurably successful, and in turn, five future business supporters were secured for future creative therapy events.

Spring 2013

Be Young. Be Wild. Be Free: Powering Off One Step at a Time

  • Anguiano, Jennifer
  • Cerven, Jessica M.
  • Olson, Sara L.
  • Schaid, Emily A.

This campaign paired QUEST CHARTER ACADEMY MIDDLE SCHOOL (nonprofit) with RUNNING CENTRAL (for-profit) and addressed the serious issue of daily technology overload in children. Research suggests children spend an average of 11 hours a day on technological devices. Overuse of these devices negatively impacts cognitive thinking skills, physical health, and general demeanor. This campaign did not seek to eliminate the use of those devices, but, rather, to create a more balanced lifestyle by introducing digital media "detox." The fitness program at RUNNING CENTRAL would be incorporated into the physical education curriculum at QUEST CHARTER ACADEMY MIDDLE SCHOOL. Also, as an integral part of this winning campaign, 150 students at the school each kept a three-week log of "tech-free"  activity (over 800 hours).

Fall 2012

  • Fisher, Taylor C.
  • Geraghty, Molly E.
  • Ivy-O'Donnell, Camille N.
  • Kotars, Morgan C.

Spring 2012

  • Carr, Karla D.
  • Fogle, Rachel A.
  • McGuire, Melissa L.
  • Sanderman, Kenneth C.

Fall 2011

  • Bowe, Emily S.
  • Herring, Jamie E.
  • Snyder, Shane M.

Spring 2011

  • Avants, Kimberlee A.
  • Fisher, Stuart A.
  • Grandon, Hope L.
  • Lindaas, Alyssa L.
  • Williamson, Dylan L.

Fall 2010

  • Beals, Eric M.
  • Kistner, Andrew J.
  • Knobloch, Matthew
  • Walker, Chrles E. Jr.

Spring 2010

  • Casanova, Carolyn
  • Crawford, Janelle M.
  • Mayo, Rose H.
  • Watkins, Lindsay N.

Fall 2009

  • Grady, Kathleen A.
  • Hoffman, Marie E.
  • Reginetz, Alyssa M.

Spring 2009

  • Aeschliman, Katie M.
  • Hedges, Betsy A.
  • Nelson, Krista S.

Fall 2008

  • Couri, Dennis T.
  • DeWeese, Jessica R.
  • Legge, Melody G.
  • Scardekia, Angela N.

Spring 2008

  • Barnes, Michael C.
  • Hoops, Bethany L.
  • Weinstein, Megan E.
  • Ruder, Chevie J.

Fall 2007

  • Park, Elizabeth H.
  • Rosen, Emily L.
  • Rusch, Mallory G.
  • Sharples, Adam S.

Spring 2007

  • Cramblet, Megan R.
  • London, Casey
  • Pesha, Kelly A.
  • Taylor, Angela M.

Fall 2006

  • Baker, Sally T.
  • Collins, Tessa L.
  • Hawk, Brandon
  • Ketcham, Craig C.

Spring 2006

  • Blocki, Brooke N.
  • Hubbell, Emily E.
  • Lackore, Kristin M.

Fall 2005

  • Maenhout, Holly L.
  • Rutkowski, Monica
  • Weisz, Mya A.

Spring 2005

  • Conway, Erin M.
  • Eigenrauch, Lorie B.
  • Foley, Megan C.
  • Jubinski, Katie M.

Fall 2004

  • Alexander, Lauren M.
  • Churillo, Kathryn
  • Lewis, Marissa R.
  • Ray, Sara M.

Spring 2004

  • Dvorak, Joseph M.
  • Kuntz, Jamie L.
  • Marszalek, Kristyn J.
  • Tapella, Bryan J. 

Judging and Awards Process 

Blind summary review: At the end of each semester, three judges (consisted of Bradley faculty and external professionals) review electronic copies of all campaign summaries and determine the finalist for the award. To ensure blind review, students’ names are removed from the summaries.

In-person review: Three judges provide a detailed in-person review for the complete campaign binders and supplementary materials for each team of finalists and determine the award winner.

Award: The winning team receives a $2,000 cash award, and a special awards luncheon is provided to recognize the winning team at the end of the semester.

*The amount of cash award has been increased to $2,000 from $1,000 since 2007.