Robison Lecture

Mary Leslie Robison

The Robison Endowed Lectureship is designed to provide Bradley University with access to distinguished working news professionals and educators. These professionals will present a more vivid view of print and broadcast news through their experiences and contributions to the field. In order to benefit the students and community, the income from the Robison Endowment Lectureship will provide funding for the following purposes:

  • Series of Master Classes
  • Classroom Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Community presentations
  • Workshops for professionals

The presenters for these varied programs will be selected from news professionals and educators nationally known. The participants will be women and men who have achieved success in the journalism field. The lectureship was endowed by and named in memory of Miss Mary Leslie Robison, Assistant Professor of English at Bradley University from 1957-1969.

Department of Communication Robison Memorial Lectureship in Communication
Endowed 1985
March 1988 Dr. Ed Bassett, Dean
 Medill School (of Journalism)
 Northwestern University
March 1988 Dick Stolley, Director
 Special Projects
 Time, Inc.
November 1989 Glenna S. McWhirter
 The Detroit News
November 1989 George Vecsey
 Sports Columnist
 The New York Times
November 1990 Marvin Zivitz
 Page One Editor
 Montreal Gazette

April 1992 Dwight L. Morris
 Editor for Special Investigations
 Los Angeles Times
March 1993 “Diversity in the News Room” Joseph Boyce
 Senior Editor
 The Wall Street Journal
April 1993 Brian P. Lamb
 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer C-SPAN
April 1994 “It’s All About Content”
Robert H. Giles
 Editor and Publisher
 The Detroit News

March 1995 “Public Broadcasting:
 The Beauty of It, The Battle Over It” Cheryl Corley
 News Director
 WBEZ-FM, Chicago
Fall 1995 “Communication Studies
 in a Global Village” Dr. Alexis Tan
 Professor and Director
 Edward R. Murrow
 School of Communication
 Washington State University
Spring 1996 “The World Report”
Ralph M. Wenge
 Executive Producer
 The World Report
Spring 1997 “Media Influence on Foreign Relations”
Dr. Robert L. Stevenson
 Kenan Professor of Journalism
 University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill 
September 1997 “Perspectives on Television Violence”
Wayne A. Danielson
 DeWitt Carter Reddick
 Regent’s Centennial Chair
 in Communication
 University of Texas at Austin
October 1997 “The Evolution of World Press Freedom
 in the United Nations”
Jim Ottaway, Jr.
 Senior Vice President, Dow Jones & Co.
 Chairman, Ottaway Newspapers, Inc.
 Chairman, World Press Freedom Committee
April 1998 “Boss Hog”
Pat Stith
 Raleigh News & Observer
 Raleigh, North Carolina
Spring 2000 “The Press, Free Speech,
 and Presidential Campaigns”
 Clarence Page
 Columnist and Editorial Board Member
 Chicago Tribune
 1989 Pulitzer Prize winner for Commentary

Fall 2000 “Are There Multiple Choices
 in a Binary World?
 Finding and Solving the Digital Divide”
 Steve Jones, Ph.D.
 Senior Research Fellow for the Pew Internet and American Life Project
 Co-founder of the
 Author of Doing Internet Research
University of Illinois – Chicago
Spring 2001 “Empower The People” Tony Brown
 Producer, host, commentator
 PBS series, Tony Brown’s Journal
 Tony Brown Productions, Inc.
 Author: Empower The People (1998)
 Black Lies, White Lies (1995)
Fall 2001 “From Pad and Pencil to PDAs:
 How the 21st
 Century is Changing
 (and Not Changing) the News Business”
 Ray Suarez
 Washington-based senior correspondent
 and backup anchor
 The NewsHour on PBS
 Author of The Old Neighborhood:
 What We Lost in the Great Suburban
 Migration: 1966-1999
 Spring 2002 “Molly Ivins Can’t Say That, Can She?”
 Molly Ivins
 Nationally syndicated columnist
 and political commentator
 Molly Ivins Can’t Say That,
 Can She?
 Nothin’ But Good Times Ahead
 You Got to Dance with Them What Brung
 You: Politics In the Clinton Years
Fall 2002 “Censorship, The Internet and Terrorism”
 Roger K. Newman
 Research Scholar
 New York University School of Law
 Author: Hugo Black: A Biography
 Banned Films: Movies, Censors
 and the First Amendment
 The Constitution and Its
Spring 2003 “Caught by Surprise: American Journalism
 and the Globalization of Information”
Jeffrey Dvorkin
Ombudsman and former Vice President for News & Information
National Public Radio
Fall 2003 “Dancing on Your Knees: Journalism,
 Community and Commitment”
 Jacqui Banaszynski Associate Managing Editor
 The Seattle Times
 1988 Pulitzer Prize winner in feature writing
Spring 2004 “Covering America’s Next News Story”
 Mark N. Trahant Editorial Page Editor
 The Seattle Post – Intelligencer Reporter
Fall 2004 “Inside Iraq: The Truth and Myths
 of War Reporting”
 Jacki Lyden Senior Correspondent
 National Public Radio
Spring 2005 “Saving Social Security for Everyone”
 Allan Sloan
 Wall Street Editor Newsweek Magazine
Fall 2005 “Inside the Bush White House: First Term Successes/
Second Term Stumbles”
 Don Gonyea
 White House Correspondent
 National Public Radio
Spring 2006 “Between the Lines:
Politics, Media and Society”
Jonathan Alter
Senior Editor, Newsweek
and NBC News contributing correspondent
Fall 2006 “The Media’s Ethical Dilemmas”
 Ken Auletta
 Journalist and Media Critic
Fall 2007 “Covering the War from Home”
 Melissa Block
 Host, All Things Considered
 National Public Radio
Spring 2008 “A Half-Century (well, almost)
in Sports Journalism”
 Frank Deford
 Author and Sports Journalist
Fall 2008 “They’re Doing What?
 Politics and The Youth Vote”
 Gideon Yago
 News correspondent and producer
 for MTV News
Fall 2009 “A Glut of Crises: Journalism and the
 Prospects for Democracy”
 Dr. Todd Gitlin
 Professor of Journalism and Sociology
 Chair, Ph.D. Program in Communications
 at Columbia University
Spring 2010 “Owning What You Know”
 Leonard Pitts
 Miami Herald columnist and 2004 Pulitzer Prizer winner
Fall 2010 “Bearing Witness ... One Journalist’s View
on Covering the World”
 Anne Garrels
 Senior Foreign Correspondent for NPR

Spring 2011 “A Sportswriter’s Life: Heroes, Fools and
Other Dreamers”
 Dave Kindred
 Author and former sports columnist for the
Washington Post

Fall 2011 “Thomas Jefferson’s iPad:
Journalism for a New Generation” Ken Paulson
President & Chief Executive Officer of
The First Amendment Center

Spring 2012 “Myth and Miracles from the King Years”
 Taylor Branch Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian
Fall 2012 “Politics Lost: Searching for Sanity in an
Era of Political Consultants, Talk Radio,
Cable News and the Blogosphere”
 Joe Klein Columnist and Author, best known for his
anonymously-written best-seller, “Primary

Spring 2014 "Living on the Brink: Images of Humanity"
Renée C. Byer, '80 and Paul Kitagaki, Jr.

Byer is an American documentary photojournalist.  She earned the Pulitzer Prize for feature photography in 2007.   Paul Kitagaki shared the Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the Loma Prieta earthquake while at the San Jose Mercury News in 1990.  Byer and Kitagaki are with the Sacramento Bee in California.