According to The College Major’s Handbook, 73% of English majors nationwide go into business or public service, with another 27% becoming educators—most teaching high school, and a few very determined students going on to teach English in college. What this means is that eventually each individual English major has to figure out what direction to take in the study of the discipline. As an English major at Bradley, you will have many options to choose from as you find out which kind of English major you want to be.

What makes Bradley’s experience of English so distinctive is that the faculty will work very closely with you to help you move on to your next step in life, whether that will be further study in a professional or graduate degree program or a first job in teaching, business, or government. At Bradley, English is understood to be a very useful, practical major, intimately tied to your future.

Departmental News

  • Double Take
    Western Civilization class sections feature co-teaching and conversation
  • Young adult literature authors Roth and O'Rourke visit Bradley
    New York Times best-selling author Veronica Roth and speculative, paranormal author Erica O’Rourke visited Bradley University last month to discuss publishing and writing to an audience of 130 members.
  • Astute Analysis
    Student’s analytical paper to be published in honor society journal
  • Found in Translation
    Though she has two English degrees, Leah Abel MA ’14 spends her free time immersed in Russian culture. The Caterpillar Master’s Fellow immersed herself in all things Russian this year to translate a collection of Dr. Kevin Stein’s poetry from English.


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Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony
8:45 AM - 12:00 PM