About the Division

The Division of Engineering Physics (EPH) is comprised of faculty members with academic and industrial experience in a wide array of scientific and technical disciplines including experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Nanostructure Fabrication, Computational Physics at the Nanoscale, High performance Computing, Robotics, Medical Imaging, and Nuclear Engineering. Since the Division is in its infancy, many of the introductory and advanced EPH course offerings are in the planning and development stages.  Specific introductory course offerings, the “Physics for Engineers” sequence, will come online as early as the Spring 2014 semester, with advanced offerings soon to follow.  The long term curricular development of the Division’s offerings will be ongoing with a view to meeting the evolving needs of the Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology.

Currently, advanced topics in applied physics are offered by EPH faculty as independent study courses.   Also, there is a High-Performance Scientific Computing course offered by EPH faculty through other engineering departments.  Furthermore, EPH faculty are engaged in many cross-disciplinary research projects, and opportunities for students of all academic levels abound.  The EPH specifically encourages students interested in the various research EPH projects to get involved with research early in their academic careers.  The academic experiences currently available to students through the EPH all involve a significant computer modeling and simulation component, and provide students with the highest quality of instruction in contemporary computational methods in science and engineering.