Management & Leadership with concentration in Legal Studies in Business

The concentration in legal studies provides a solid grounding in those areas of business with a significant legal component such as real estate acquisition and management, business structure, securities regulation, commercial paper, and employment law. Some students with this concentration choose to attend law school after graduation.


Gaining a lot of popularity nationally, the entrepreneurship major offers the knowledge and skills to start your own business, innovate your family business, work for growth-oriented firms, or bring an entrepreneurial perspective to your chosen field.

Management Information Systems

Bradley’s Management Information Systems (MIS) major combines computer-related coursework with other business courses to develop knowledgeable students who work well in corporate environments. Develop your interpersonal, business, and technology skills to solve business problems as an MIS major. As an MIS major, you’ll begin with programming courses to develop skills in analyzing, designing, and developing systems. Then you’ll focus on the application of business technology to specific situations, finishing with a client technology-based business project during your senior year.


Business Law Minor

The Business Law Minor provides students with understanding of some of the social, ethical, political, and cultural foundations of law and how law impacts almost every business decision. Students will obtain critical analytical skills needed in their careers and/or to excel in law school and will become better prepared to identify and manage potential legal problems in the practice of their profession or career. 

Management Information Systems

The minor in management information systems (MIS) provides you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and credentials for the use and development of computer software and/or hardware. The minor develops experience in one of the distinct fields that comprise the breadth of the information system professional. You can focus on computer system development by learning specific techniques used by information system professionals to design and create user applications. Or, you could focus on knowledge in securing information systems by learning about information system networks and operating systems software.