Family & Consumer Sciences

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences traces its roots to the founding of Bradley University, when Nellie Kedzie designed a home economics curriculum that blended theoretical teaching with hands-on learning.

Today, that educational philosophy still underpins the department, which was renamed to focus on the family as a consuming unit while preparing graduates to meet new and emerging challenges in the field.

Departmental News

  • Brave Chef cooks up delicious competition
    Four teams flashed their finest culinary skills in the final night of the second Brave Chef competition, with a team of dietetics interns winning the event.
  • Tasty Experiments: Brave Chef competition kicks off
    Hospitality students will spend the next month perfecting recipes for Brave Chef, the Hospitality Leadership-sponsored competition modeled after Food Network’s popular “Iron Chef America.”
  • Fashion Focus Designs Scarves for Bradley Admissions Staff
    In a matter of an afternoon earlier this semester, Bradley’s Fashion Focus club added scarf accents to admissions staff garb. The scarves, complete with the university logo, stood out around campus and gave designers a sense of accomplishment for their work.