Bradley Expo 2010

June 9, 2010

Several Department of Family and Consumer Sciences students entered and placed in Bradley University's 18th Annual Student Scholarship Exposition, which was held in April at the Markin Family Student Recreation Center.

Human Service

KellyFirst place—“Correlates of Protein Intake Among Community Dwelling Older Adults”
Presented by Meredith E. Sargent and Kelly Evola
Faculty mentors: Dr. G. Kevin Randall and Dr. Jeannette Davidson




SabaSecond place—“Microbial Growth in Ground Beef during Different Methods of Thawing”
Presented by Saba Zahid
Faculty mentor: Professor Theodore Fleming





“Qualifications of Dietary Managers in Senior Living Communities”
Presented by Kathryn Henry and Chelsea Schenck
Faculty mentor: Dr. Nina Collins




“Insulin Pump Pack Design and Development”
Presented by Jenna Hari, Jamie Zhe, Parisa Crane, Ali McCarty, Kendra Shambaugh, Courtney Clinton, Jaclyn Gonzales, Alissa Reinholdt, and Vanessa Diaz
Faculty mentor: Dr. Kendra Brandes



Individuals and Societies

First place—“Evaluation of College Student’s Environmental Concern and Apparel Consumption Patterns”
Presented by Lauren Jozefat
Faculty mentors: Dr. Kendra Brandes and Dr. Kevin Randall