KO Nu initiatives help department

June 9, 2010

This year Kappa Omicron Nu (KO Nu) started a couple initiatives to serve the Family and Consumer Sciences Department.

The department is proud of “Freshman Connection,” which welcomes freshmen and new transfer majors into FCS. Students were paired with senior majors who encouraged them to become involved in student organizations during their first year. It has been reported by many graduates that their biggest regret was being too shy to get involved during their freshmen and sophomore years. These seniors also served as sounding boards for the new majors to confide in, ask advice, and learn how the department is in essence, an extended family, who supports and cheers one another on to reach personal, academic, and future career goals.

Additionally, KO Nu developed a presentation to better inform undecided students from the Academic Exploration Program about the FCS Department. It addressed the FCS programs offered, as well as the unique careers that an FCS education can result in. It is our hope that the relationship between the AEP and FCS departments will continue to be strengthened.