Academic Program

The Hospitality Leadership degree program (HLP) at Bradley University prepares students for careers in the industry including such options as foodservice, lodging, event planning, and tourism. Current estimates show that the industry employs over 10 million people, and employers seek graduates with a hospitality degree. This industry is projected to add substantial numbers of new jobs/careers to the economy.

The Mission of the Bradley Hospitality Leadership Program is: To Empower Students to Lead the Hospitality Industry with Passion and Excellence. To achieve this mission, it is our goal that students graduating from the Hospitality Leadership program at BU will demonstrate leadership skills by having the following:

Knowledge of the industry,
Leadership skills
Innovation, and
A sense of community

The Hospitality Leadership major at Bradley prepares students for successful careers through coursework leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. A 640 hour internship experience and a minor in management, marketing, or professional sales is included in the program. Today’s hospitality professional should have global exposure; therefore, each HLP major could become a Global Scholar or participate in study abroad.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

The following are a list of the expected outcomes we desire for our graduates; thus, these are the learning objectives that guide our teaching and course objectives. The learning objectives support the program, department, college and university missions, in that they are designed to develop leaders that are innovative and have a sense of community.

PLO #1: The graduate will have and utilize current industry information, including business acumen.

PLO #2: The graduate will have and utilize leadership skills.

PLO #3: The graduate will have and utilize innovation and business management skills.

PLO #4: The graduate will contribute to the well-being of their community.

For program requirements see the University Catalog: