Recent Arnold/Wheeler Scholar Accomplishments


Abigail Craft, ’16, FCS Hospitality Leadership
Assessing the motivations and barriers of special event volunteers, Best Poster Award at the Conference of the International Society of Travel and Tourism Educators (ISTTE), 2015; Bradley Student Scholarship EXPO Poster Presentation, Winner OSP Award, 2016. 

Annie Drummond, ’16, FCS Retail Merchandising Bradley University Tartan Plaid Design Competition and Merchandising Plan. Resulted in tartan products sold at the Bradley Bookstore; profit toward FCS student scholarship. Presented at the 2016 meeting of the Illinois Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Kaela Giles, ’16, FCS Dietetics
Influence of gender and social setting on college student food choices. Bradley Student Scholarship EXPO Poster Presentation. Published in the December 2016 issue of the Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences.

Genevieve Prushinski, ’17, FCS Dietetics
“The Freshman 15”: Prevalence and predictors of weight gain among college freshmen students. Bradley Student Scholarship EXPO Poster Presentation, Winner Provost’s Award, 2016. Poster Presentation, Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ (FNCE®), 2017. Accepted for presentation at the Midwestern Psychological Association’s 2017 meeting.

Carolyn Stewart, ’17, FCS Hospitality Leadership
Investigating factors affecting food neophobia, ISTTE Conference Poster Presentation, 2015.

Current Arnold/Wheeler Scholars


Carolyn Stewart’s research topic is food choices, specifically food neophobia, or the fear of trying unfamiliar foods. She is looking at the factors that might contribute to someone being food neophobic or food neophilic.


Annie Drummond’s research project objective was to develop, register, and license an official tartan for the Bradley University. Registered tartan products are now available for sale in the Bradley bookstore and online. She is currently preparing her research paper to be submitted for publication.


Taylor Prellberg will be investigating whether there are differences in students’ eating habits when they reside in a dormitory where kitchen facilities are not available, compared with living in apartments with kitchens.


Genevieve Prushinski’s research project examined the prevalence and predictors of the “Freshman 15” among first-year college students. She received the Provost’s Award for her work presented at Bradley University’s 2016 Student Scholarship EXPO. She presented her Poster at the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ (FNCE®) in 2017. Her presentation was also accepted for the Midwestern Psychological Association’s 2017 meeting.


Anna Smith’s research project involves college students’ perceptions of the Nutrition Facts Label. She is currently analyzing data from a survey she sent out at Bradley. She is excited to see if there are any significant relationships between a college student's demographics and his or her attitude towards the Nutrition Facts Label.


Sarah Wagner is evaluating the effectiveness of the Meal Program at Family House, a healthcare hospitality home in Peoria. Sarah was instrumental in streamlining the meal program during her internship with Family House.


Shelby Anderson’s research topic is plate waste in university dining facilities. She is currently looking into multiple variables that could assist in the decrease of food waste from these locations.


Erin Leland’s research study involves examining the physical and sensory characteristics of substituting rice flour and quinoa flour in banana muffins. She is optimistic that her results will yield an acceptable and nutritious gluten-free muffin.


Lindsey Wetle is currently exploring the topics of food sensitivity in individuals with sensory challenges, as well as the nutritional practices of traveling student athletes.