Mildred Arnold Scholars

Laura McCormack, 2009, Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics
Sensory and Vitamin Evaluation of Vegetables by Different Cooking Methods. Investigated the effects of cooking methods on ascorbic acid retention, color change, and consumer acceptability based on taste, texture, and overall appearance, of broccoli, cauliflower, and peas.

Shannon Duffy, 2008, Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics
Nutrition Display for a Children’s Museum. Promotes good health and nutrition, while maintaining a high degree of excitement and interest.

Stacy Ederle, 2007, Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics
Investigating the correlation between dietary calcium consumption and factors that affect this intake, specifically the ethnicity and food preferences of children.

Lisa Esposito, 2006, Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics
“Food Distortion and Education.” compared the difference between teaching students about nutrition as opposed to only using handouts.  She received a first place at Bradley's EXPO '06 and will be presenting at AAFCS.

Katie Parker, 2005, Retail Merchandising
“Parent/Child Shopping/Behavior” received second place at Bradley's EXPO '05 and was invited to present at the National Undergraduate Research Community Conference – Kappa Omicron Nu.

Jordanna deBruyn, 2004, Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics
"The Use of Dietary Supplements by a College Population with that of an Older Population" was presented at Bradley's EXPO '04 and at AAFCS in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Amber Hamman, 2003, Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics
Amber’s research concerns parents’ use of a nutrition education newsletter. Her presentation "Parents' Use of a Nutrition Education Newsletter After the School is Exposed to an After School Care Intervention" was awarded first place in Bradley's 2003 Student Expo.

Sonja Darnall, 2002, Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics
Sonja’s research, “Knowledge, Behavior and Values of College Students toward Genetically Engineered Foods,” was presented at Bradley’s Expo 2002 and at AAFCS in Dallas, Texas.

Rachel Coolman, 2001,Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics
Rachel conducted her research with body builders on Bradley’s campus. “The Effect of Protein and Carbohydrate Intake on Muscle Accretion During Strength Training” was presented at Bradley’s Expo April 2001 and Kappa Omicron Nu Conclave.

Amanda Fritz, 2000, Retail Merchandising
Amanda’s research, “The Effect of Interactive Elements on Time Spent in the Store,” was presented to the Coordinating Council of Honor Societies Undergraduate Student Research Paper at the 2000 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Sarah Jagers, 1999, Retail Merchandising
Sarah’s research, “Integrating Produce Placement and Fashion,” explored the impact of product placements in movies on consumer habits. Her research was presented at the national meeting of Kappa Omicron Nu.

Elizabeth Waldschmidt, 1998, Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics
Elizabeth’s “Knowledge Status of Pre-menopausal Women” won the University award in her category at Bradley’s 1998 Exhibition and was presented at the Illinois Dietetics Association meeting.