Why Choose Finance & Quantitative Methods

There are many reasons to study in the Department of Finance & Quantitative Methods:

  • Our programs prepare students for successful careers in finance or actuarial science in the ever-increasing global economy.

    • Bradley’s finance program prepares students for careers – not just entry-level positions – in the competitive world of finance.
    • Students learn to understand the problems of obtaining and using financial resources and financial risk management
  • In addition to gaining professional finance and actuarial science knowledge, you will develop strong analytical, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and electronic spreadsheet skills for success in today's environment.

  • Outstanding career outcomes

  • Our faculty are experts.

    • Professors in the department possess a wide array of expertise and teach finance, quantitative methods, risk management and actuarial science courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as executive and professional development programs.
  • A history of Actuarial Science-Business and Finance exam success

  • Our student organizations provide connections to finance professionals and real-world financial management experience.

    • Practice tracking and analyzing securities through our Bradley Investment Organization.
    • Connect with alumni and professionals with our Financial Management Association, Acclaimed Intellectual Property Association, and Gamma Iota Sigma organizations.
  • You can declare a finance or actuarial science major at any time—even as a freshman.

  • Faculty advise all majors.