Monica McGill

Associate Professor, Game Design

Caterpillar Global Communication Center


Dr. McGill is an Associate Professor in the Department of Interactive Media and serves as the Game Design area head. Her research areas include curriculum and instruction of game degree programs, development and evaluation of meaningful games, and improvement of programming and software development education for all students through increased student engagement.

In the classroom, Dr. McGill is overseeing student project work in Unity3D using production processes used in industry. She has brought the Global Game Jam to Bradley and is active in producing online and mobile games with students, such as Coco's Cove and Wake Up, Koala! She also produces and develops games for various commercial and not-for-profit clients.

Before coming to Bradley, Dr. McGill worked as a Systems Analyst and Computer Scientist in both industry and government. Her professional background includes formal methodologies to ensure code correctness, automated theorem provers, database management systems, and system design and development. She also served as an adjunct faculty member at the National Cryptological School teaching logic and formal methods.