Student Organizations

Digital Arts Team at Bradley University

Caterpillar Global Communications Center, Room 201

Meeting Times: Wednesday nights in GCC, 9:30-10:15

Board Members: 
Scott Cavanah, Advisor
Christopher Walls, President
Broenyn Orcutt, Vice President
Payton Orr, Secretary
Kyle Des Jardins, Treasurer
Alexandra Conley, Activities Coordinator

Purpose of organization:

  1. We exist to create interaction and communication between digital and computer artists at Bradley University
  2. We exist to provide graphic services (i.e. posters, promotional material, websites) to other on-campus organizations at Bradley
  3. We exist to give digital and computer art majors a way to sharpen skills, ask questions, and build a portfolio outside of class assignments

Game Design Club

Caterpillar Global Communications Center, Room 133

Meeting Times: Friday Afternoon

Board Members: Monica McGil, Advisor

The Video Game Design Club meets weekly on Friday afternoons and discusses ideas for games. Then they work on the art and the implementation of the games. They have an active Facebook page.  Nichole Werling is president.  Current members are Art, IM, and CS majors. It is open to any BU student.