Student Organizations

Digital Arts Team at Bradley University

Caterpillar Global Communications Center, Room 201

Meeting Times: Thursday 9pm

Board Members: 
Scott Cavanah, Advisor
Christopher Walls, President
Broenyn Orcutt, Vice President
Kyle Des Jardins, Treasurer
Alexandra Conley, Activities Coordinator

Purpose of organization:

  1. We exist to create interaction and communication between artists at Bradley University
  2. We exist to provide graphic services (i.e. posters, promotional material, websites) to other on-campus organizations at Bradley
  3. We exist to give digital and computer art majors a way to sharpen skills, ask questions, and build a portfolio outside of class assignments

Video Game Narrative Club

Caterpillar Global Communications Center, Room 213

Meeting Times: Mondays 9pm

Board Members:
Ethan Ham, Advisor
Kyle Des Jardins - President
Kyle Peck - Vice President
Brien Jackson - Secretary
Jake Camara - Treasurer

Purpose: To help each other in the creation of better narratives for games.

Game Design Club

Caterpillar Global Communications Center, Room 126

Meeting Times: Fridays 5pm

Board Members:
Ethan Ham, Advisor
President - Dakota Leonard
Vice President - Sarah Fields
Secretary - Nick Luciani
Recruitment - Alex Jagim
Web Master - Brian Rodgers
Temporary Activities Chair - Kyle Peck

Purpose: The purpose of VGDC is to gather people with an interest in making video games together, and to help enable them to accomplish that goal through a supply of resources, education, and structure similar to that of a professional video game development studio. The end goal every year is to make at least one finished video game.