Alumni Newsletter

Update from the chair

Dr. Charles Bukowski shares the Institute’s milestones over the past year.

Past Meets Present

Intern learns about past slavery, advocates against modern trafficking.

Foreign Insights

Diplomats discuss trans-Atlantic trade treaty with students.

From the Campus to the Battlefield

Bradley University Red Cross team wins trip to D.C. for Rules of War Campaign.

#WarHasLimits Campaign Shows Plight of Child Soldiers

Bradley students explore abuse of child soldiers through a March simulation organized by a team studying international humanitarian law.

Students Become Experts on U.S.-E.U. Trade Deal

Eight students enrolled in Dr. Jeanie Bukowski’s European Integration course learn about the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership free trade agreement.

U.S. Diplomat in Residence Visits Institute

Ambassador Ian Kelly, the Department of State’s Diplomat in Residence for the Midwest region, visits the Institute and meets with students.

Institute Holds Reunion of Alumni

The Institute held a reunion of its alumni in conjunction with Bradley’s Homecoming.

Lecture Examines U.S. Foreign Policy Shift to Asia

Georgetown University professor Dr. Balbina Hwang discussed the shift in U.S. foreign relations from the Middle East to Asia.

Institute Holds International Careers Workshop

Four Institute graduates conduct an international careers workshop.

Dr. Kim Receives Bradley’s First Year Faculty Award

Institute Assistant Professor Jihyun Kim is honored at 2013 University Conference.