Leadership in Education, Nonprofits and Counseling

The Department of Leadership in Education, Nonprofits and Counseling (LENC) focuses on leadership as a key quality applied as part of best practices within each of the three program areas.   Good leaders are passionate about their field of learning and have the courage to overcome limitations, and, by example,  encourage others to do the same.   Leaders are visionary and inspire others to positive action.  Other qualities of highly effective leaders explored and developed in our programs include:

  • ethical
  • creative
  • empathic
  • risk-takers
  • learn from mistakes
  • develop a framework for the work of others
  • value diversity
  • committed to social justice

LENC promotes both the personal and professional development of students who care for others, deal with ambiguity, think strategically, work from a multicultural mindset, are centered, and open to continual learning.  Our department is designed to promote highly competent and impassioned leaders in each of our graduate programs:  Educational Administration, Nonprofit Leadership and Counseling within Schools and in Clinical Mental Health Settings. 

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