About our Department

Marketing is a broad, dynamic field with many interesting opportunities for students, faculty and all types of organizations. Our world-class faculty enjoys studying and teaching marketing. They produce sophisticated research that helps businesses relate to their customers and markets more effectively and profitably.

The Department of Marketing is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and student mentoring. The department consists of nine full-time faculty. Our faculty members are active in research that is published in top journals and international conferences (knowledge production) as well as executive development and consulting (knowledge application). Their contributions are felt here in the Peoria region and around the world through these activities. The result is scholars who can touch and change the lives of their students.

Student Organizations

Student organizations provide many opportunities for students to put theory into practice and to demonstrate leadership skills. The student chapter of the American Marketing Association has won awards for outstanding programming and outstanding marketing of the chapter.

Every year a team from Bradley University competes in the National Collegiate Sales Competition. Our students train in a specially-designed sales laboratory and they are nationally-recognized for their excellence. Bradley students won the competition in 2006 and no school has matched our average placement in the competition in the past six years.