Marketing Major

Marketing majors have great flexibility to craft a program that will help them pursue a career among an array of opportunities available to people with a marketing degree. All marketing majors complete classes that prepare them for professional marketing presentations, marketing research, and marketing strategy/management. Along with their advisors, students choose from a broad array of marketing electives to prepare them to work in their area of interest.

International Business

Bradley’s International Business (IB) program is interdisciplinary, integrating international studies and foreign languages with business to provide competence in all aspects of international business. The program is unique and provides the most comprehensive business content of all the undergraduate International Business programs offered in North America.


While marketing majors have a variety of in-depth exposures to this important and productive field, other students at Bradley may benefit from marketing courses as well. The marketing minor enhances other programs of study and provides career flexibility.


Concentration in Global Supply Chain Management

The concentration provides access to careers that are global in scope and have shown an extended long‐term trend for growth with no suggestion of a slow‐down in the foreseeable future. Supply chain activities are central to business sustainability. They have been and will continue to be the source of massive reductions in energy use and carbon output. Students who complete the concentration are prepared to make a difference in business performance and, in turn, environmental footprint. Graduates will be prepared to manage business‐to‐business marketing relationships, oversee global trade practices, and guide the mechanics of global transactions. We strongly encourage Global Supply Chain students to join our student APICS chapter.

Concentration in Professional Sales

Due to increasing industry demand for professional, highly productive salespeople, along with heightened student interest in personal selling, the Marketing Department of the Foster College of Business at Bradley University offers undergraduate students a Concentration and a Minor in Professional Sales.

Concentration in Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing concentration prepares students to effectively integrate Social Media into the marketing mix of the firms for which they work. This is a critical area of concern to retailers, sports marketers, non-profit marketers, and other entities that wish to create a community around their market offerings.