Management and Leadership

Welcome to the Department of Management and Leadership in Bradley University's Foster College of Business. The Department of Management and Leadership offers programs in management, or the “art of getting things done through people,” as we define it.  No matter the industry, managers are tasked with strategic and operational planning, organizing work, monitoring results, and engaging people in the entire process.  Our programs provide the perspectives, knowledge, and skills needed to do so.  Specifically, we take a practical approach to management education, embedding problem-solving, decision-making, and interpersonal skills through applied activities, case studies, and real-world experiences.  

Reasons to Choose Management and Leadership

Students who major in management are dedicated to helping organizations succeed – organizations of any size, any industry, and any operating environment.  They are conversant in the language of business, and they understand the macro forces affecting individual organizations.  They can think both strategically and tactically, and they possess a deep understanding of organizational behavior coupled with strong interpersonal and team skills.  If this describes your academic and career goals, you’ve found a home in the Management and Leadership Department.

The Management and Leadership faculty and staff, along with our colleagues in the Foster College of Business, create an environment that builds upon your dedication and passion for success.  We pride ourselves on:

  • Excellence in Teaching:  Classes based in the M&L department are innovative, yet they provide you the time-tested tools for continued success in both your coursework and your career.  The department has several award winning faculty, including two Putnam Award winners, which represents the highest teaching honor at Bradley University.
  • Boundary Spanning Faculty:  Many M&L faculty teach at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels and they have active consulting practices with local, national, and international reach.  The range of M&L faculty experiences – with multiple audiences and in multiple settings – enriches your classroom experience.
  • Recognized Expertise:  Our faculty members are experts who are often called upon to share their insights about the field of management.  Together, they have published 14 books, and their research has been published in top academic journals in their fields.  Multiple faculty in the M&L department have earned awards for their research, including the prestigious Rothberg Award and the Caterpillar, Inc. Professorship, both high honors awarded by Bradley University.
  • Valuable Curriculum: In the Foster College of Business senior capstone course, every one of our majors gets valuable practical experience consulting for a business client.  Consulting projects provide a wide variety of learning experiences in which students apply knowledge to business problems with guidance from faculty, respond directly to business leaders, and accomplish project goals in multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Career Opportunities:  Graduates from the M&L Department have a high career outcomes rate, and we are proud that many of our graduates spend their early careers in fields related to their studies.  Whether in large organizations, not-for-profits, small companies, or start-ups, our students are prepared for careers in management.  No matter your interests, the Management degree helps to get you there.

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