About our Department

The Management and Leadership Department offers the management major, including concentrations in human resource management and legal studies as well as offering the management minor.   It also serves graduate students enrolled in the MBA program, including the management concentration, and the EMBA, and offers a graduate certificate in management. Nine full-time faculty members teach in the department. The faculty members come from prestigious graduate schools and have written numerous research articles and several books. 

In addition to undergraduate and graduate teaching, the faculty are heavily involved in executive development and consulting.   They bring these experiences into the classroom to provide students with practical knowledge. The department has four faculty members who have won University teaching awards, two faculty members who have won University research awards, one faculty member who has won a University service award, and a Caterpillar Professorship.

The department is host to several student organizations that provide students with opportunities for extracurricular enrichment as well as leadership opportunities.  The organizations include the Society for Human Resource Management and Women in Business.

Specific departmental objectives include the following:

  1. To provide students the historical perspective necessary to understand the evolution of business in a global, social, political, economic, and technological environment;
  2. To excite students about new ideas and knowledge;
  3. To help students develop understanding and skill in the practice of management;
  4. To provide students with a basic understanding of leadership, management,  operations management, and strategic management;
  5. To develop well-informed individuals who understand their ethical and social responsibilities in business situations;
  6. To enable students to understand the operation of our business and economic systems;
  7. To develop the ability to think clearly, analyze carefully, and express thoughts and conclusions logically; and
  8. To help students develop competence to become effective managers.