Management and Leadership

The major in Management and Leadership offers the analytical, problem solving, and decision-making skills needed to meet the challenges of management in commercial and non-profit organizations. Business students at the Foster College of Business apply theories learned in the classroom through assignments and projects that emphasize interpersonal, analytical, and communication skills. Coursework helps you develop skills in identifying and solving problems, making decisions, and managing interpersonal relationships.

Management and Leadership with concentration in Human Resource Management

The concentration in Human Resource Management provides a solid grounding in the skills and concepts necessary to meet the complex and challenging tasks involved with managing human resources. The program concentrates on teaching and learning the basics of human resource management, understanding the legal implications of management’s decisions, engaging in decision-making, learning about leadership, making complex decisions, and developing the interpersonal skills essential to most effectively manage human resources and ensure that they contribute to a company’s bottom line.

Management and Leadership with concentration in Legal Studies

The concentration in Legal Studies provides a solid grounding in those areas of business with a significant legal component such as real estate acquisition and management, business structure, securities regulation, commercial paper, and employment law. Some students with this concentration choose to attend law school after graduation



The minor in management provides students with essential background, understanding, knowledge, and skill in the practice of management. The minor in management will provide students with foundations and skills to complement the focus area of their respective majors and, importantly, enhance personal career plans.