Health Science

The undergraduate degree in Health Science consists of 68 credit hours in the liberal arts and in the sciences. Required science coursework in biology, chemistry, and physics along with the four core Health Science courses prepares the student for employment in the health area or for post-graduate study. The strong core of required courses within the College of Education and Health Sciences, along with courses in the college of liberal arts and sciences, communication, and business, provide additional essential content. Students majoring in Health Science are also required to declare a minor area of study during their sophomore year.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Bradley University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) was instituted in 2005 after offering a Master’s degree in physical therapy from 2000 through 2005. The Doctor of Physical Therapy comprises 105 credit hours offered over three years. Academic coursework consists of basic and applied sciences along with other courses that prepare the graduate as an autonomous practitioner. Included in the 105 credit hours are 36 weeks of full time clinical rotations. Clinical sites are available throughout the Midwest along with opportunities across the country for students to pursue.