Class Reports

DPT Class of 2019

Here's what you need to know about Bradley's DPT Class of 2019: In a Ted Talk, Margaret Hefferenan describes the creation of the Montreal Protocol, the most successful international environmental agreement ever implemented. The head engineer leading the team made sure rivalry was replaced with an ‘everybody matters’ mentality, everybody was needed, and worked to one standard: the best imaginable. On a daily basis, the first year PT class embodies this, working as a silent pact who looks out for each other rather than a group of individuals. Olin late night study groups are sure to be greeted by third-shift janitors, Google Drive allows for sharing of lab demonstration videos, and GroupMe app gives us all room to vent and laugh at the struggles through PT school. When we arrived to PT school, we were over compensating go-getters who loved fantasy football, steak, and the gym. Now, lateral epicondylalgia and meta-analysis are hot-button words that spring us into explanations. One of our favorite parts of the first summer semester was "being in cadaver lab and learning how the human body works as a unit." The first fall semester increased our sweat gland activity and professional wardrobe through practical orthopaedic exams. No pressure! Earning a Doctoral Degree in therapy has also included Wednesday lunch seminars; a time to bring in clinicians who lecture on real- world cases and journal article best evidence.  

There is no glass ceiling for this class. There are no super chickens or superstars. Everyone motivates each other to complete online ortho forums before a noon deadline and encouragement is ramped up to avoid cramming for neuro exams this spring semester because we now know about synaptic scaling and its effect on too much activity. Thanks to our second year mentors who continue to guide us forward, strong department coffee, and professors' flexible office hour schedules, this first year class has what it takes to both prepare and succeed in the professional world of therapy.  

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