Class Reports

DPT Class of 2013

It is the most exciting time for the class of 2013.  We are currently weeks away from finishing the last leg of our academic careers.  The fall semester was spent focusing on our capstone class; differential diagnosis.  We finished the didactic portion of our graduate education by taking a challenging comprehensive exam consisting of material from every class taken during the last 2 ½ years.  This spring semester consists of 16 weeks of clinical education where we are applying all the knowledge we have gained thus far in real life situations.  Clinical settings range from out-patient orthopedics to neurology, pediatrics, acute in-patient hospitals and everything in-between.  The class is spread out at different clinical sites, many in Illinois and others as far as California and Florida.  The goal of these last clinical experiences is to be able to function as an entry level physical therapist.  There is no doubt with the education we have received and the talent of the students in the class that this goal is certainly attainable.  The last official Bradley event for the class of 2013 is our graduation on May 16th.  We have planned a busy week up until that day with a licensing exam review course, several dinners and then an open house event for our families.

DPT Class of 2014

The Second Year Class has enjoyed a semester of learning to apply information and skills we have learned into clinical practice.  We have made trips to ISU, the Human Performance Lab, and OSF St. Francis to see different areas of Physical Therapy in action.  This semester has been a great opportunity to learn hands on from a lot of great professionals in the Peoria/Bloomington Area.  We also finished up our research data collections and presented our findings at the Graduate Student Expo where Kate Garber and Valery Kharina won the President’s Award and Joseph Ganske and Hope Shulte won the Provost’s Award.  The Second Years also got to experience the Physical Therapy Combined Sections Meeting in San Diego.  We are all looking forward to our clinicals this summer and showing off what Bradley Physical Therapy students are about!

DPT Class of  2015

This spring has absolutely flown by for the first-year DPT class. It started off with us returning from our first clinical, which all agreed was an awesome experience. We got to see how much we have learned already and use some of those skills, and we saw how much we still have to learn! This spring we have been hard at it, learning about human development, continuing to develop our research projects, and realizing just how complicated the human nervous system is. As we are closing in on being done with a full year of PT school, we have really grown together as a class as well. It has been an awesome experience to get to know one another and become such good friends. As most of the teachers would probably attest, we get along very well and do our fair share of talking (perhaps too much during class!) Between school, part-time jobs, having fun together, and starting to think more about fundraising, we have plenty to keep us busy. And with what is left this spring, it looks like the rest of the semester will be just as busy and exciting as the first. The best thing is that we are all eager to do it!