Why Choose Physical Therapy?

A class size of 24 students allows ongoing and individualized attention from Bradley’s outstanding faculty. All faculty members in Bradley’s DPT program continue to treat patients in a variety of clinical settings and five faculty members are certified clinical specialists. This expertise and personal attention prepare Bradley DPT graduates to pass professional licensure examinations at a rate superior to the state and national average.

Why Choose Health Science?

The Health Science program is a collaborative effort with multiple colleges on Bradley’s campus. A required minor course of study allows the student to choose an area of concentration to complement personal areas of interest. Study Abroad opportunities with Health Science faculty to a variety of countries during summer and winter interim sessions are also available to Health Science majors. Observation and volunteer experiences also provide for experiential learning in areas of student interest. The major in Health Science has successfully prepared graduates for a variety of post-graduate programs that include physical therapy, occupational therapy, medicine, optometry, physician assistance, pharmacy, nursing, chiropractic and others.