Political Science

Political Science seeks to turn politically interested and concerned students, whatever their career plans or other interests, into politically literate college graduates. It equips them intellectually to comprehend and deal with their political world after graduation, in ways appropriate to their individual inclinations, be it as intelligent citizens, as journalists, as active participants in business or in electoral politics, as candidates for office or as public officials, or as academic political scientists. In other words, political science provides an “in-depth” political education for those students who have a particular interest in things political, whatever their occupational and professional goals and whatever their other talents and interest. While political science is usually equated with preparation for law school, a political science major prepares individuals for a variety of different careers

Departmental News

  • New Heartbeat
    Youth bridge Israeli-Palestinian conflict through music
  • Building a Leader
    Campus leadership opportunities bolster career ambitions
  • Soto attends West Point conference on U.S. affairs
    The conference, November 12-15, facilitated interaction and constructive discussion between civilian student delegates and West Point cadets in order to better understand the challenges that the United States faces in an increasingly interconnected global society.


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