About our Department


The mission of Teacher Education at Bradley University is to prepare teachers who will be effective leaders, advocates, and life-long learners. We believe that teaching and learning are dynamic, interactive, life-long processes based on empowering interactions among learners.


Our undergraduate and graduate programs will enroll students possessing the intellectual curiosity to acquire knowledge, skills and dispositions that form the foundation of teaching excellence. Each student will actively engage in study, research and professional development in collaboration with faculty and educational practitioners in clinical settings.

Together, the faculty will become excellent teachers, principled professionals, empathetic and well prepared advisors, outstanding scholars, and actively engaged in professional service. In support of the mission, faculty responsibilities represent appropriate balance of teaching, research and service with time for innovation, collaboration, and reflection in a global community emphasizing diversity.

With support of appropriate and effective technology, curriculum materials, effective partnerships with P-12 schools, excellent teaching, and the intellectual and artistic life of the University, students will participate in an exciting and dynamic learning environment.