Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction

Bradley's graduate program in Curriculum and Instruction is designed to prepare students to accept greater responsibility in their role as educational leaders and informed decision makers. This is accomplished by providing students the opportunity to add to their knowledge bases, increase their research skills, and inform their attitudes.

While making allowances for the diverse needs of early childhood through high school teachers, the program includes a common core of courses intended to enable students to construct enhanced knowledge and skill in the areas of technology applications, educational research, legal and social issues, interpersonal and organizational behavior, curriculum theory, instructional theory, instructional design, and assessment strategies. The program also offers practica, original research, and creative contributions options.

The program's flexibility makes it possible for students to focus their studies on assessment, early childhood education, educational technology, gifted education, literacy and reading, science education, or multidisciplinary education. In addition, the program includes elective options so students can obtain certification from initial to standard teacher certification, reading, and special education. The possibility for additional study in a particular discipline is also a part of this personalized program.