Current Season

Twelfth Night

1617twelfthNightApril 20 – 30, 2017

by William Shakespeare
"If music be the food of love, play on..."

The perennial favorite and arguably Shakespeare's most transcendent comedy. A tale of young love in all its excess diverse, abetted by mistaken identity, gender confusion, unforgettable songs and exquisite poetry—not to mention some of Shakespeare's most vivid clowns and one of the greatest practical jokes in theatrical history. Originally written to celebrate the end of the Christmas season in the court of Queen Elizabeth, our production will herald the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.


Zach Olson Count Orsino
Zach Daly Curio
Kenny Case Valentine
Joe DeBoer Sea Captain
Becca Laird Viola (Cesario)
Alyson McKie Sebastian
Trevor Baty Antonio
Sarah Heilbronner Olivia
Cody Cornwell Sir Toby Belch
Cassy Lillwitz Maria
Emma Murphy Sir Andrew Aguecheck
Rebekah Farr Feste
Seth Katz Malvolio
Jake Winkle Fabian
Tyler Figueroa Priest
Bailey Stockhecke Lady-in-Waiting to Olivia
Alicia Vazquea Lady-in-Waiting to Olivia


Scott Kanoff Director
Amanda Dacks Asstistant Director
Maggie Sturm Asstistant Director
Mark Lohman Scenic Designer/Technical Director
Becki Arnold Costume Designer
Morgan Brennan Lighting Designer
Emily Goldman Stage Manager
Chad Lowell Lighting Advisor
Jeff Locke Scene Shop Supervisor
Alyssa Pietrzyk Associate Costume Designer/Wardrobe Head
Mackenzie Newman Assistant Stage Manager
Luz Silva Assistant Stage Manager
Katie Wilson Assistant Lighting Designer
Kelly Golbeck Light Board Operator
Michelle Rice Sound Designer
Zavier Simmons Sound Board Operator
Erich Kohberger Master Electrician
Gabriella Maestgropaolo Assistant Props Builder
Kayla Frad Properties Master
Africa Hill Prop Run Crew
Hayley Rapisarda Run Crew
Quinn Webber Run Crew
Tate Ramsey Charge Artist
Antonia Albright Dresser
Abigail Krock Dresser
Abby Hill Painter
Derek Baunach Hair and Makeup Designer
Sophia Fishkin Publicist

These Shining Lives

1617theseShiningLivesFebruary 23 – March 5, 2017

by Melanie Marnich

In the 1920s and 30s, hundreds of Depression-era women in Central Illinois enjoyed well-paying jobs for the Radium Dial Company in Ottawa, about 70 miles from Peoria. There they painted faces onto watches and clocks with luminescent paint made from radium—an element whose toxicity was never explained to them—until their hands began to glow in the dark and their health problems grew too serious to ignore. Based on the historical record this haunting, inspirational play celebrates the bonds of friendship and solidarity that unite four young working women; the conflicts they share; and the vindication they seek that may or may not come in time. "Perfect, touching, and wistful..." —Talkin' Broadway


Katey Kraemer Catherine
Amanda Dacks Charlotte
Shophia Fishkin Frances
Samantha Zucker Pearl
Trevor   Baty Tom/Dr. Rowntree/Dr. Dalitsch
Derek Bauach Mr. Reed/Radio Announcer/Company Doctor
Tyler Pesko Grossman/Son
Abibail Ticho Ensemble
Africa Hill Ensemble
Haley Rapisarda Ensemble
Kiana Baylor Ensemble
Mackenzie Newman Ensemble
Stephanie Begalke Ensemble


Katie Wilson Stage Manager
Tate Ramsey Assistant Stage Manager
Chris Noonan Assistant Stage Manager
Alyse Holzkopf Light Board Operator
Alyssa Pietrzyk Make Up Run Crew
Angela Serrano Wig Master/Make Up Run Crew
Bailey Stockhecke Run Crew
Ellie Stamper Wardrobe Head
Kendra Drew Sound Board Operator
Maggie Sturm Dresser
Zach Daly Prop Run Crew

Emergency Prom

November 10 - 13, 2016

By Steve Moulds
A play featuring our fabulous freshman class

It's 1994, a time before texting, Tinder, and Snapchat, and the misfits of Glen Burnie High hated last weekend's prom. What's an unlikely band of outsiders to do? Throw the prom they should have had, a do-over prom, an emergency prom, where Gus and Corey won't break up, where Stephanie and Billy will finally get together, where Patrick might get lucky, Manuel will have the "high school moment" he dreams of, and Melissa will get to dance with the secret love whose silence is breaking her heart. A hilarious, heartfelt look at a group of friends taking destiny into their own hands.

Noelle Mefford Lizbeth
Zach Daly Eric
Tyler Pesko Patrick
Colton Clark Billy
Jake Winkle Gus
Kenny Case Bradley (formerly Miguel)
Mackenzie Newman Gemma
Bailey Stockhecke Stephanie
Alyson McKie Corey
Africa Hill Callie
Alana Copeland Julie
Taylor Hernet Tiffany
Claire Sullivan Brandy
Cori Wash Ms Valenti
Lluvia Lopez Devon
Alex Shuman Melissa
Cody Cornwell Mr Watson
Katy Kraemer Assistant Director
Emma Murphy Stage Manager
Katie Wilson Assistant Stage Manager
Maggie Sturm Assistant Stage Manager
Emily Goldman Props Master
Zavier Simmons Master Electrician
Rebecca Laird Publicity
Alyssa Peirtzk Charge Artist
Claire Sullivan Charge Artist
Kayla Frad Light Board Operator
Trevor Baty Run Crew
Hannah Kfoury Sound Board Operator
Tate Ramsey Prop Builder
Imani Hayes Wardrobe Head
Ellie Stamper Dresser
Scott Kanoff SM Advisor
Chad Lowell Scenic Designer/Scenic & Technical Advisor
Jeff Locke Technical Director
Becki Arnold Costume Designer & Advisor
Sam Zucker Assistant/ Associate Costume Designer
Kevin Mikdailzak Assistant/Associate Lighting Designer
Lighting Advisor Mark Lohman

Mr. Burns

16-17_mr.burnsSeptember 22 - October 2, 2016

A Post-Electric Play
By Anne Washburn
Music by Michael Friedman, Lyrics by Anne Washburn

Part thriller, part musical, Mr. Burns asks how the stories we tell make us the people we are. In a near future where a cataclysmic series of nuclear disasters has left America without electricity, infrastructure, or mass communication, a small group of survivors huddles around a fire trying to remember the dialogue from a popular episode of The Simpsons. Seven years later they have become a theatre troupe, traveling the lawless, ravaged country to stage bits of The Simpsons in exchange for food and shelter. 75 years later still, the epic story of the nuclear disaster has become myth, enacting in musical theatre form the creation story of a new society and the dimly recalled saga of a revered hero named Bart.

Trevor Baty Sam/Troy McClure/Ensemble
Derk Baunach Homer Simpson
Cody Cornwell Matt/Ensemble
Amanda Dacks Marge Simpson
Rebekah Farr Bart Simpson
Sophia Fishkin Ensemble
Imani Hayes Nelson/Ensemble
Sarah Heilbronner Jenny/Itchy
Becca Laird Maria/Scratchy
Cassy Lillwitz Quincy/Ensemble
Emma Murphy Edna Krabappel
Zach Olson Gibson/Mr. Burns
Alex Scranton Ensemble
Maggie Sturm Colleen/Ensemble
Samantha Zucker Lisa Simpson
Katy Kraemer Assistant Director
Emily Goldman Stage Manager
Kelly Golbeck Assistant Stage Manager
Lucy Silva Assistant Stage Manager
Kait Koons Assistant Hair & Makeup Designer
Chris Noonan Props Master
Kayla Frad Assistant Props Master
Alex Buchko Choreographer
Kevin Mikolajczak Master Electrician
Ellie Stamper Publicity
Abigail Ticho Assistant Dramaturg
Katie Wilson Charge Artist
Deanna Cantu Light Board Operator
Kenny Case Run Crew
Colton Clark Props Run Crew
C J Feist Sound Board Operator
Africa Hill Prop Run Crew
Codi LaCross Prop Builder
Mackenzie Newman Makeup Run Crew
Alyssa Pietrzyk Wardrobe Head
Beck Potucek Run Crew
Haley Rapisarda Makeup Run Crew
Angela Serrano Prob Builder
Baily Stockhecke Dresser
Alica Vazquez Painter
Cori Wash Dresser