Advisory Committee

The Women's Studies Program offers more than a minor and classes. Our interdisciplinary committee, which includes faculty and staff, is committed to providing students with cultural and intellectual programs throughout the year. We seek to bring provocative and captivating speakers -- from comedians to politicians -- who discuss the latest cultural and political issues. We also host informal gatherings and sponsor students groups such as the SASS (Students Against Sexism in Society), VOX: Voices for Choice, and V-Day.

Committee Members (2012-2013)

  • Stacey Robertson, Director 
  • Martha Craig, English 
  • Michelle Fry, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Jennifer Jost, Biology
  • Margaret LeJeune, Art
  • Nicole Meyer, Pre-law
  • Gina Meeks, Administrative Support
  • Jennifer Robin, Business Management
  • Julie Schifeling, Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service
  • Aurea Toxqui, History 
  • Jill Wightman, Sociology