Student Employment

Hiring Process

All hiring is done through the Library office. Do not contact library supervisors directly. Applicants are considered on the basis of skills and hours available for work. Preference will be given to those eligible for Work-Study. Do not contact library supervisors directly.

  • Complete an "Application for Student Employment" form, listing the hours you are available to work and give it to the secretary in the Library office. Various departments have special needs, which require a variety of working hours; therefore; it is in your interest to list all hours you could work. International students are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week during Spring and Fall semesters and 40 hours per week at other times.
  • Hundreds of applications are submitted each semester for a limited number of positions. If you are being considered for a position, you will be called. However, not all applicants will be called. Be sure that your current phone number is on your application.
  • When a student is hired, his/her application is removed from the file. If you are hired and wish to be considered for additional work hours in another department, you should arrange to have an updated copy of your application put back in the office file.
  • Applications are removed from the file at the end of each semester. If you wish to be considered for work in the new semester, you will need to fill out a new form.

Eligibility to Work

A student who withdraws from all of his/her classes is no longer eligible to work.

  • During Fall and Spring semesters, a student worker must be registered and attending classes.
  • Over Interims (January and summer), a student worker must either be currently registered and attending classes, or must have attended classes the previous semester and be registered for classes the following semester.
  • International students are required to complete the international student’s employee eligibility process defined by the University. This is done in the Payroll Department after a student is hired.
  • In public service areas, facility in the English language is required. A communication skills test will be given to a student at the time he/she is being considered for a public service Library position. A student who does not pass the test may be considered for another position, which does not require public contact. The test may be taken again after six months.

Student Jobs in the Library

Access Services

  • Circulation Desk Assistant provides service directly to all patrons. (Students must be prompt and work as scheduled, or find a substitute among current workers.)
  • Reserve Desk Assistant provides service directly to all students and faculty. Checks out computer software and reserve materials. (Students must be prompt and work as scheduled, or find a substitute among current workers.)
  • Document Delivery Assistant acts as a courier between faculty and library. Retrieves, copies and delivers or picks up items campus wide. Hours are usually arranged between 9-11 a.m. or 2-4 p.m. weekdays.
  • Interlibrary Loan Assistant assists in retrieving and copying items to be sent to other libraries.

Government Document Assistant

  • Assists in shelving and maintaining the document collection. Weekday hours.

Administration Office

  • Student Assistant performs various office activities such as answering the phone, taking room reservations, typing, filing, running errands, and other related duties as assigned. Weekday hours.


  • Student Assistant works directly under specific librarian in performing duties as assigned.

Music Resources Center

  • Desk Assistant provides services to all students, faculty, and other library patrons. Helps patrons with listening and recording of music.

Reference Services

  • Student Reference Assistant assists patrons in locating and using library materials. Some clerical and computer work may be required.

Special Collections Center (weekdays 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

  • Student Research Assistant works under supervision of Special Collections Assistants. Inventories, files, shelves, retrieves, photocopies materials, and clips newspapers. Some research assignments. Work involves handling valuable, often brittle books and other materials which must be done with great care. Ability to work independently required. Interest in local history an asset.
  • Senior Preservation Technician, Preservation Technician works under supervision of Special Collections Bookbinder. Repairs books, monitors supplies, maintains tools in good order. Ability to measure and cut accurately and to work on own required.

Technical Services

  • Cataloging Assistant maintains shelf list. Works with online catalog. Performs a variety of task-oriented duties. Weekday hours.
  • Serials Assistant checks in and processes newspapers, journals, and microforms. Weekday hours.
  • Shelving Assistant shelves and straightens circulating books, reference books, microfilm, and journals. Usually shelves in two-hour time blocks.