Asian Studies

FACULTY Coordinating Committee: Hogan (Sociology), chair; Foley(International Business); Gates (History); Getz (Philosophy & Religious Studies); Iyer (International Studies); Kerr (Accounting); Palakeel (English); Schopf (International Studies); Warwick (Art); Zaborowski (Philosophy & Religious Studies).

The program in Asian Studies is designed to provide a broad understanding of the political, social, economic and cultural forces that have influenced and continue to shape Asia. The geographic and cultural areas examined under the Asian Studies minor include East, Southeast, South and Inner Asia, the Middle East and the Asian diaspora. Students with an interest in Asia, particularly those majoring in international studies, international business, and relevant liberal arts disciplines, will especially benefit from this program.

Minor in Asian Studies

A minor in Asian studies will require completion of 18 credit hours from the list of approved courses. There will be six hours of required courses. The remaining twelve hours will be made up of elective courses, with no more than six elective hours taken from any one discipline. Courses in Asian languages are recommended. A student may transfer up to six semester hours in an approved Asian language. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of study abroad programs at Bradley University in areas listed above.

Required Courses 6

  • Choose two

    • HIS 336 Early Non-Western History
    • IS 182 Fundamentals of Contemporary Asian Civilization
    • RLS 331 Religions of the Eastern World

Electives 12

  • Choose four

    • ART 243 Non-Western Art
    • HIS 107 Modern Japan, 1860-Present
    • HIS 324 Barbarians in History
    • HIS 337 Modern Non-Western History
    • IS 285 East Asia in the Modern World
    • IS 381 East Asian International Relations
    • IS 385 Problems of Contemporary Asia
    • RLS 338 China: Religion and Culture
    • RLS 340 Japan: Religion and Culture
    • SOC 311 Comparative Family Systems