Center for Student Development and Health Services

  • Academic Exploration Program
  • Academic Advisement
  • Counseling
  • Educational/Career Testing
  • Health Services
  • Testing and Guidance
  • Orientation
  • Wellness
  • Division of Student Affairs Research
  • First-Year Experience Courses

The Center for Student Development and Health Services is designed to provide opportunities and assistance to students for the realization of their personal and educational goals. Beginning with an appropriate introduction to the University environment, students are subsequently provided with advisement; counseling and wellness services; health services; and opportunities to investigate and explore new academic areas and challenges.

The Academic Exploration Program (AEP), one part of the University’s academic advisement program, provides direction to a large number of students. In addition to individual diagnostic evaluations and course sampling, special advisement services are provided to help students begin understanding the implications of their educational and career interests.

The Academic Exploration Program and other advisement services are offered through the Center for Orientation and Advisement. Orientation programs help new students and their parents adjust to the University and parents adjust to being the parent of a college student. During orientation, academic, career, and personal skills are assessed and enhanced, which ensures a foundation of support that helps students realize their educational goals.

Student Health Services provides personal counseling services to aid in the total development of students as well as to enhance the success of their academic achievement. Services are provided by professional counselors and are confidential and free for Bradley students.

Health Services provides primary care for Bradley students. The Center offers care for injuries and short-term illnesses and advises students on medical matters. The physicians may also refer students needing more intensive physical or medical care.

The Center for Testing, as part of Academic Transition Programs and Assessment Services, provides Bradley students with free test-based assistance with the identification of their interests, strengths and personality styles. Analytical information about student perceptions of the University, determined through survey results, are compiled and reported by the Center annually. Businesses, children and adults from the community utilize the Center for personnel and management assessments, intelligence testing and vocational planning.