Undergraduate Leave of Absence Policy

The leave of absence opportunity is available for undergraduate students who must leave Bradley University for a period of time not to exceed 12 consecutive months. A leave of absence may be granted for various reasons, such as personal, medical, or financial. The leave of absence must be approved in advance of the semester in which the leave of absence is to begin and can not be granted to a student who is on probation or dismissed from the University. For the complete policy, consult the Registrar’s Office or the dean of your college.

This Catalog represents the University’s best effort to communicate information on academic programs, policies, rules, and regulations that were in effect at the time of its publication. Students should be aware that the University reserves the right to modify these programs, policies, rules, and regulations at any time within a student’s term of residence. The University’s policy is to provide notice of any such modifications sufficiently in advance of their implementation to ensure adjustments without undue inconvenience. Before pre-registering for any academic term, students should contact the administrative office of their academic department or college to verify the most current information.