Center for Student Support Services

  • Learning Assistance Center
  • Tutoring
  • Turning Point Program
  • Retention Programs
  • Off-Campus Student and Non-Traditional Student Services
  • Office of Student Accessibility - ADA
  • Student Veterans Support Services
  • Student Affairs Intern Program
  • Division of Student Affairs Research
  • Advancement (Alumni) and Proposal Opportunity
  • Technology Oversight

The Center for Student Support Services provides academic support and guidance to assist students in their academic success. The staff offers programs, services, and resources to students who request academic assistance. The goal of the Center for Student Support Services is to help students be academically successful and graduate from Bradley University.

Off-Campus and Non-Traditional Student Services helps coordinate efforts designed to meet the special needs of these students.

The Office of Student Accessibility-ADA meets with students with physical disabilities to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations. Students with permanent or temporary physical disabilities must disclose their situation to the Office of Student Accessibility-ADA in order to receive accommodations.

The Center for Learning Assistance assists students with documented learning disabilities. Appropriate testing accommodations are arranged through the Center for Learning Assistance upon verification from their health care provider. Study skills and speed reading seminars are available each semester.

Tutoring services are provided through the Center for Learning Assistance. Students receive two hours of free tutoring each week.

Students on academic probation are required to participate in the Turning Point Program. Students learn to develop time management skills, advocacy communication techniques, and study techniques. Additional retention programs for students with special needs are available through the Center for Student Support Services.